May Launch Rumored for Nokia Lumia Tablet

With May 14, 2013 rapidly approaching, rumors of a first Lumia tablet from Nokia are growing by the day. Some leaked specifications have come from the Indian website “GMSInsider.”

The website states that the tablet will have a 10.1-inch screen at 1366 x 768, running on a 1 GHz processor with 1 GB of RAM. Measuring 256.6 x 175 x 9.7 mm, the device is rather bulky, weighing 676 grams.

Judging from the specs and the weight, you can expect the processor to be at least a dual core, but because of the limited RAM, it is more likely that the tablet will feature the RT version of Windows 8 instead of the x86 version. While the screen resolution is also rather disappointing, we are hoping that Nokia’s refusal to answer any questions remotely related to a Lumia tablet may be in preparation for a remarkable release in the following weeks.

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  • weierstrass
    Those specification were not even impressive a year ago. I don't know how much the tablet is worth it but for sure not much.
  • Raiderjoe
    That thing must be <€200 because even the €300 range has quad cores with IPS panels.
  • eklipz330
    it probably will look very nice, and specs aside, if it performs good enough, and priced right, it will be on my radar, simply because the resolution is high enough for most daily tasks including reading... i wonder how optimized it is