Nook Tablet Prices Slashed in the UK

Priced at £79, the Nook Simple Touch was priced very competitively when it launched in the UK back in September. Despite the fact that it hadn't been on the market long, B&N gave the tablet a hefty price cut in May, dropping the price to £29. The Nook HD also saw reductions, dropping from £109 and £159 to £69 and £129. The prices were listed as limited time offers, so they weren't permanent. However, it seems B&N is eager to give the Nook HD another boost.


Crave reports that the Nook HD has been marked down to £99 from £159. This time, the Nook HD+ is keeping the Nook HD company in the discount bin, as B&N has cut that to £149, down from £229. Again, these cuts are billed as limited time offers, though we imagine prices could drop again in time for back to school season. If not then, definitely come holiday shopping season.

The Nook HD sports a 7-inch 1440x900 display and is based on a 1.3 GHz dual-core processor with 1GB RAM. The Nook HD+ features a slightly bigger 9-inch display and is capable of playing video at 1080p. It boasts a 1920x1280 display as well as a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU and up to 32GB of storage space.