Tom's Guide: 26 Retro Games You Can Run on Modern PCs

Gaming has evolved a lot over the years and certain aspects have come along in leaps and bounds. However, though today's games may be far more realistic, you can't beat the classics, can you? Relive your gaming past with Tom's Guides '26 Retro Games You Can Run on Modern PCs.'

Today, PC gaming is the performance benchmark for your computer. If your machine can run the latest games without breaking a sweat, chances are it is powerful enough to run demanding applications as well.So, it's a bit ironic that, as we've moved on to more modern OSes, running old games can be a headache. It's less a matter of having too little processing power, and more about compatibility. Luckily, many gaming classics are still accessible as remakes built by teams of volunteers, or through emulators like DOSBox. There are also some games developed for contemporary computers, but feature gameplay and graphics reminiscent of older titles.26 Retro Games You Can Run on Modern PCs

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  • has TONS of retro games you can run on a modern PC. Most support Windows 7 and work flawlessly. And none of them have DRM.
  • freggo
    Thanks for a trip down memory lane. Those where innocent times back then.
  • LuckyDucky7
    If you're going to mention OpenTTD, you might as well also mention Warzone 2100, another active open-source project based on an older game which still runs on just about anything (released 1999).

  • thillntn
    jill of the jungle? megaman? bunch of good classics.
  • kellybean
    These games were great in their day but modern games have spoiled me.