2012's Online Shopping Sales Exceeds $35 Billion So Far

Online spending exceeded $35 billion over the first 46 days of the holiday season, according to data deriving from market analyst ComScore.

From November 1 through December 16, sales increased by 13 percent when compared to the same period in 2011. Last week in particular set an online sales record with consumers spending over $7 billion.

Green Monday -- a day eBay refers to as the second Monday in December -- experienced sales of $1.275 billion. During the week of Cyber Monday, online spending reached over $1 billion for three days, with Cyber Monday itself setting an online spending record in one day with $1.46 billion.

ComScore, however, said that the 13 percent jump is lower than expected, with online spending apparently slowing down in recent weeks. The research firm is waiting to see if last-minute shoppers contribute to the overall online spending sales figure before the season ends.

"This current week, which kicked off with Free Shipping Day on Monday the 17th, will be critical in making up some ground on a season-to-date growth rate that remains below initial expectations at 13 percent following a prolonged post-Cyber Monday lull," said ComScore chairman Gian Fulgoni.

"With many retailers extending their free shipping offers into Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, we just may see the sort of late-season jolt needed to push growth rates back into the mid-teens."

Elsewhere, 2012's Black Friday saw record online sales of $1.042 billion, a 26 percent increase vs last year's coveted shopping day. Thanksgiving, which was a day before that, experienced an increase in spending with sales of $633 million, a 32 percent increase from last year.

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  • andrewcarr
    bak0nIt's because everyone is buying all the ar-15's and ammo they can.Sorry quoted wrong person. ^