Sony UK: PS4 Launch Won't Make PS3 Cheaper

When a company releases a new product, it's not unusual for them to drop the price on the previous generation of said product. Unfortunately for those looking for discount PS3s, that's not going to happen when the PS4 launches.

Speaking to, Sony UK Managing Director Fergal Gara said the PS3 isn't likely to get a price cut following the launch of the PS4. Gara says the company has no plans to drop the price on the PS3 just yet, adding that the costs associated with the PlayStation 3 have been tough to get down.

"There's no plans as yet," Gara is quoted as sayhing. "The PlayStation 3 is a system where it hasn't been particularly easy to get the costs down."

Sony famously lost money on the PS3 when it first launched back in 2006, despite the fact that the console was priced at $499. The company actually lost money on every PS3 sold for years. Things finally turned around in 2010 (and the PS3, thankfully, doesn't cost so much), but Sony has already said it doesn't plan on history repeating itself with the PS4. In May, Sony CFO Masaru Kato said the company was not planning a 'major loss' for the PS4. Kato elaborated that the development of the PS3 required a lot of investments in R&D. The fact that the PS4 incorporates existing technology means less of an in-house investment this time around.

The PS4 will launch in time for the holiday shopping season and will be priced at $399.

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  • CaedenV
    Thats what happens when you use a custom CPU that hogs power. Makes it very difficult to shrink it down and use less cooling, less power delivery support, and when you are a vendor's only real customer for a product.

    I think Sony and MS have made a great decision moving to x86 where the maturity and price drops of the general market will more easily translate into their respective products as they age. But at the same time I think they have also missed the boat by not making a PC client that can also play these games. This is especially true of MS who could use the Win8 Store as a delivery system, and then require PC players to use an XBone controller and Kinnect. It would spur win8 sales and bring an instant install base at the launch of the XBone... but whatever; I just don't want to buy hardware that is essentially the same as what I already have. Perhaps with being x86 the prices of both of these consoles will drop to a more acceptable $150-200 in a few years and I can enjoy both of them.
  • JPNpower
    When you keep on improving the price gradually, you get to a point where you can't lower the price when a successor comes out... I love Sony.

    Anyway, IF sony had waited to release the PS3 superslim until after PS4, things could have been a different story
  • cepheid
    Not really because releasing a new architecture doesn't drop the production cost of the old. The benefit is some of the good parts of the PS3 design will be integrated into the PS4 making it a pretty powerful system.