Retailers Adopt PayPal App for In-store Payments in the UK

People have been using PayPal to pay for their online purchases for years. However, now the internet payments site is making its way into the real world, too. PayPal's foray into the world of brick-and-mortar retail comes in the form of PayPal InStore, an application that allows customers to pay for their goods electronically.

PayPal today announced that, starting May 31, customers at Coast, Oasis, Warehouse, and Karen Millen can use their smartphones to pay for their purchases. Available for Android and iOS, the PayPal InStore app allows you to charge in-store transactions to your PayPal account. It does so by generating a unique barcode and transaction number. The cashier in the shop scans the barcode (either at the till or via a special lanyard/iPad combo), which then deducts payment for that transaction number from your PayPal.

The app is PIN protected for security, and, handily enough, the app will also display any offers currently available at the store you're in.

Check the video below for a demo of PayPal InStore:

PayPal InStore Demo

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  • HopelessNoob
    come here to the US please >:[
  • How much does the seller pay for accepting such payments? same as online? then it is too expensive... regular POS terminal transactions cost 0.6-1.2%
  • shqtth
    good idea but isn't screen on phone glossy? so I am not sure if all bar code readers will work. Also what if your bar code get hijacked? does it change everyday? and if your phone is offline does the bar code remain active so you can make a purchase? Maybe bar code remains active until a new one is downloaded? or maybe the barcode uses the same technology as veresign secure id (VIP)