QOTD: PlayStation Move or Kinect for Xbox 360?

Though they're aimed at the same demographic, Kinect and Move are quite different. While Move, similar to Nintendo's Wii, requires one or two controllers, Kinect tracks the player's body rather than a piece of hardware. This makes for quite a different experience because you don't have anything to physically hold but allows for a wider variety of movements that involve your entire body instead of just your arms and hands. That said, a lot of people don't like the idea of not having a controller in their hand and are even less enthusiastic about the idea of jumping up and down like a lunatic in their living room.

Microsoft's Kinect is priced at a simple $149 or $299 for an Xbox Arcade and Kinect. Sony's pricing is a little more complicated in that they've got a few different bundles and Move actually requires two pieces of equipment with an optional third piece for the full experience. There's a PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle with the PlayStation Eye, a Move want and PlayStation Move Sports Champions, which costs $99.99 and the optional navigation controller (sort of like the nunchuck for the Wii) rings in at $29.99. A Move wand by itself is $49.99 and if you don't have a PS3 yet, you can pick up a bundle containing everything for $399.99.

Today's question of the day is: If you had to choose, Playstation Move or Kinect for Xbox 360?

  • Asinger93
    PS Move for sure. It's much more accurate and less Wii like than the Kinect.
  • joytech22
    Kinect, just more interaction being able to control the entire character with your body rather than just their arms..
    Plus the Move looks like a handheld lightbulb, not a controller.
  • lespy
    is this even a competition? a goofy looking remote or completely hands free?

    i wonder which one will win?
  • thekitty
  • alfaalex101

    That wasn't an option. I'd say Move because I still don't think you can do an FPS well with Kinect.
  • mactruck
    I don't plan on buying either, but I'd have to pick the Move. I have had a Wii for years and motion control seems to get in the way of most games rather than improving them. The only games I feel benefit from this tech are FPS games where you can point at the screen to aim. The much greater accuracy of the wand, plus the buttons, make Move more attractive. I cannot see myself ever playing a racing game with Kinect like they demoed at E3, and I have no interest in learning to dance like MJ. The Wii sports rip-offs and family shovelware will be equally boring on either console.

    I'm spending my money on games instead, or maybe a 3DS.
  • dertoter
    I would choose NEITHER and stick with PC gaming at the moment. Like soldier37 said, PC gaming is where it's at right now.
  • falchard
    Definetly Definetly the Move. The move provides a controllable solution that can calculate velocity, position, and rotation. The Kinect is just too... limited in its application.
  • Both seems silly, but I might get Move with the playstation bundle since I dont have a ps3 yet.

    To be honest Id rather they have announced Mouse and Keyboard support for Xbox 360 with new MS sidewinder Laser Mice and Keyboards to go with it.

    FFS they sell mice and keyboards, make them work with your console already.
  • tokenz
    Neither. Why wouldnt I just buy a Wii cheaper?