New Slimmer, Smaller PlayStation to Hit September 25

Though the gaming world is already looking forward to the next generation of consoles, Sony isn't quite finished with the PS3 just yet. This week, at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony unveiled a brand new version of the PS3. This model will come in two different capacities, either 250GB or 500GB, and features a streamlined design that's 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the current PS3.


"In order to maintain the superior gaming experiences that you expect from us here at PlayStation, we are always looking for ways to change and evolve with your gaming behavior," Sony said via the PlayStation blog. "You might remember the smaller models that we launched for PlayStation 2 and PSP (PlayStation Portable), and we know that many of you love the opportunity to add these streamlined models to your home. Additionally, as developers continue to release deep and rich digital gaming content, providing an option for larger HDD is essential, especially for games with large DLC packs, and full game downloads, as well as personal entertainment content."

As far as availability is concerned, Sony said the 250GB PS3 will be available on September 25 for $269.99 as part of a bundle that will contain Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception: Game of the Year Edition and a voucher for more than $30 worth of bonus digital content for DUST 514. If you're hankering after the 500GB model, you'll have to wait a little bit longer, we're afraid. Sony says it will debut as part of a limited edition bundle in conjunction with the release of Assassin's Creed III. The price for that particular bundle has not yet been confirmed.

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  • mp562
    You could always drop a 500 GB in yourself and not have to wait.
  • aftcomet
    Bought a slim in April. Feel dumb now.
  • amk09
    looks sexy and slim. might just have to purchase my first ps3, they are nice and versatile little machines.
  • bigdragon
    I don't see the point in this refresh. A price drop or the opening of a new studio building PS3 games would be more helpful I think. Of all the consoles hooked up to my TV the PS3 is the one used the least. Sony needs to fix that instead of tinkering with the design of an obsolete piece of hardware.
  • _Cosmin_
    If has no hardware upgrade (other than hdd) i see no reason to buy one!
  • olaf
    aftcometBought a slim in April. Feel dumb now.
    that goes without saying :P paired with buying a console :D
  • bulldozer83
    unlike previous PS3's you can not change out the hard drive. it is built in with no access. so you buy one of these and you are stuck with whatever size hard drive you purchased. also the top slides from right to left to reveal the disc drive as it is no longer slot loading.

    because of the size shrink I imagine all of the internals have been shrunk making it use less power and run cooler then any previous model.

    the disc drive is slightly louder because only a small piece of sliding plastic keeps it from being out in the open instead of the slot loading drive in the previous PS3's that was buried a little deeper inside of the machine.

    Joystiq is also reporting that after the run of Uncharted bundles which will be selling at $279 that a non bundled version will be available at $249. so before that version drops this new model is actually more expensive to get your hands on.

    i believe that this is sony's attempt to try and stop sales of the Wii U.

    The lack of price drops by Sony and Microsoft also lead me to believe the true next gen consoles are farther away then we believe. I don't think Sony is stupid enough to release another $600 console. typically when new consoles come out the previous consoles are usually down to $129 or $99 price points. the high prices of the current consoles either means we can expect very expensive next gen consoles or that we are still further away then people think from next gen consoles. unless of course when the new consoles are revealed they announce massive $150 price cuts, which i find unlikely.
  • MidnightDistort
    So i guess the 12GB version was just a rumor. I didn't think for a minute that Sony would be silly enough to incorporate such a small storage device into what most people already have loads of information on the current consoles. However since this one probably doesn't have ps2 backwards compatibility there's no real reason to get another PS3 unless the price drops to $99.
  • olaf
    yes vote me down :D but console are still dumb, with 99% of there games being dubbed down, and most of the time the PC version suffers as well...
  • afrobacon
    There will also a 12Gb version not sold in America which offers the capability to add your own hdd. This version I would be interested in as there are a couple games not available for PC that I've had my eye on.