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Pressure-Sensitive Bluetooth 4.0 Stylus Coming to iPad

Here's a cool gadget for the artist who owns an iPad: Ten One Design's Pogo Connect, the world's first pressure-sensitive Bluetooth 4.0 stylus. It features new patent pending technology the company calls Crescendo Sensor, making the tip highly responsive to pressure and recognizing even the slightest touch. Now users can control line width and opacity of a drawn line based on the amount of pressure they apply to the stylus.

"With zero grams of activation force, Crescendo Sensor works at all angles and requires absolutely no calibration, providing hundreds of levels of pressure," the company said on Wednesday. "Plus, the solid state design means no moving parts, making the stylus incredibly reliable."

This method of artistic input has been around for years thanks to Wacom (Intuos, Cintiq etc), but Pogo Connect is reportedly the first to arrive in Bluetooth form that doesn't require a separate tablet or "paper" app. Six iOS apps already support the pen-shaped gadget – Brushes, Zen Brush, PDFpen for iPAd, Procreate, Flipbook HD and Sketch Club – with six more supporting apps on the way like SketchBook Pro and NotePad Pro.

"The intelligent stylus also features a special LED light that app developers can utilize for various applications," the company said on Wednesday. "For instance, the LED light can change colors to indicate at a glance the color with which the user is sketching and it can also notify users when they are close to end of life when playing a gaming app. Most simply, the LED light also lets the user know when the device has been successfully paired with iPad."

The smart pen is powered by one AAA battery, and comes with a built-in radio transmitter so that users can easily find their lost tablet peripheral. Simply use an iPhone or iPad to track the signal and display the estimated distance to the pen, which is displayed intuitively in a radar-style view.

Pogo Connect can be pre-ordered starting Oct. 1, 2012 for $79.95. The first 2,000 buyers will receive a special edition version with a laser-engraved tiger graphic reminiscent of the product’s previous name, Blue Tiger.

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