Facebook Users Give Razer's Project Fiona the Go Ahead

Earlier this week, Razer revealed to fans on Facebook that the Project Fiona gaming tablet it announced at CES was still alive and kicking. Despite the fact that it's been quite a while since we last heard anything about Project Fiona, Razer said via its Facebook page that it's been hard at work on Project Fiona since CES 2012. In fact, the company was looking to Facebook fans to help propel the project forward. Razer said if it got 10,000 likes in the space of a week, it would push ahead with the project.


Not surprisingly, Razer has met its goal with plenty of time to spare. The update about Project Fiona was only posted on Wednesday, but the post has already amassed 12,500 likes. Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, confirmed via Twitter that Project Fiona would be going ahead. "Sometimes I think I underestimate our legion of fans - we just hit 10K likes on the Fiona post in a day instead of 7," he tweeted, later adding that the next step would be to start sharing concepts and let the community vote on them via Facebook.

Unfortunately, there's little else in the way of information regarding a launch. Project Fiona won the People's Choice award at CES earlier this year, and is designed to allow gamers to play the most popular PC games of today on the go.

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  • jhansonxi
    If it takes them five years to develop it then playing todays games is quite reasonable. I suspect most potential buyers will want support for games released closer to the Fiona's release date.

    Obviously "like" isn't the same as "buy".
  • el33t
    ".......and is designed to allow gamers to play the most popular PC games of today on the go."

    Even today low end games like Diablo 2, Counter Strike etc. are one of the most popular. This statement surely doesn't warrant the capabilities of this device all that much... What I'm interested to know whether this thing can handle a high end stuff like CoD , Battlefield etc..... If it can, then for sure it has got my attention...
  • c4v3man
    core i7 tablet? Either it's going to have poor graphics capability (likely), or it's going to include discreet graphics and both cost more than $1000 and have terrible battery life. Why not use something like AMD's chips to provide an all-in-one solution?