First Video Of Psystar Mac Clone In The Wild

Miami (FL) - It appears that one lucky customer has finally received his Psystar Open Computer and he made a video to prove it. The video of the Mac clone shows the machine booting up and running Mac OS X Leopard.

"Patrick", a Gizmodo reader, sent the video to the popular gadget website and you can watch it here. The machine boots up fairly fast, but you can hear that it sounds like a jet engine. After boot-up, you can see that Apple Software Update won’t work with the Open Computer.

Florida-based Psystar announced that it was shipping its $399 Open Computer last week. The company claims the computer can run Mac OS X Leopard, along with Windows XP and other operating systems.

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  • TSIMonster
    That is a standard ASUS case and looks like a regular custom built PC with OSX
  • TSIMonster
    That is the fan you here. It is the default 80mm fan that comes with the ASUS TM-210