Red 5 MMO Firefall Now in Open Beta

After years of being in development in closed beta, Red 5 is finally opening the flood gates and moving its third person shooter MMO Firefall into open beta.

Those interested in playing the game need only to head to the Firefall official website, sign up for an account, and download the client. Red 5 warns incoming players that, as is usually the case with betas, they are sure to encounter bugs or glitches. "It has been a long time coming, but Firefall is now available for everyone to play for absolutely free," states the website. "Firefall is still a work in progress and Red 5 is a company that prides itself in our iterative process. That means that you may experience things in game that are incomplete and not working. We would rather ship a product to you, our players, and gather feedback on that feature earlier rather than later to make sure we're on the right track and that we are making a game that you'll love."

To celebrate Firefall's move into open beta, Red 5 has released a live action trailer. It's rife with jetpacks and melodramatic sci-fi, right in line with the game's theme, which you can watch below:



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  • nevilence
    I played the game in closed beta for a bit, it seemed ok then, maybe I should jump back on it and give it another go
  • rwinches
    Here's the link for more trailers;

    A heavy weapon attached to your forearm does seem impractical IMO. Hope the game is not continuous peril.
  • fourtydeuce
    I have a problem with all the games being released as open beta recently. It seems like if you're behind schedule you release a game as open beta with the disclaimer if you find anything wrong with it just remember it's in beta. I suppose this gets you around the day 1 patch because it's not the "full game". EA should have done this with SimCity, can't complain when it doesn't work right because it's beta!