Rosewill Announces New RK-9100 Series Mechanical Keyboards

August of last year, hardware manufacturer Rosewill unveiled its Cherry MX-based RK-9000 mechanical keyboard line. Offering four different Cherry MX switch configurations, the keyboards became a quick hit for both enthusiasts and gamers. Now, the company has launched its highly anticipated update to the line adding a few desirable features.Unlike its predecessor, the new LED-backlit RK-9100 Series will only be offered in 2 variations: the Cherry MX Blue (RK-9100) and the Cherry MX Brown (RK-9100BR). The biggest feature from the update would be the individually backlit keys with three illumination options and four brightness levels. The new keyboards also come with a 2-port USB 2.0 hub, seven multimedia keys and 6-key rollover.

Initially demoed at Computex 2012, the keyboards can now be ordered directly from Newegg for $119.99.

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  • Dantheman1129
    I had their last series of Mechanical keyboards...they were plagued by issues with the mini-USB connector, and my "2" button stopped working after about a month...never buying anything Rosewill again
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer
    Is it just me or are these Ducky Shine rebadges?
  • Anonymous
    gotta love how these kind of keyboards are marketed with "mechanical" as a feature