SSD Does 130MB/s Write on Single Channel

Last week MOSAID Technologies revealed a prototype SSD that was capable of write speeds of up to 130MB/s and read speeds up to 213MB/s using a single channel of MOSAID's HyperLink NAND (HLNAND) architecture and interface. Currently SSDs require eight or more channels to reach the same level of performance.

"HLNAND Flash combines MOSAID's HyperLink memory technology with industry standard NAND Flash cell technology," the company explained in a press release. "HLNAND delivers sustained input/output (I/O) bandwidths an order of magnitude higher than conventional Flash by utilizing a point-to-point ring topology that achieves an extremely high level of signal integrity and significantly reduced loading."

MOSAID added that the 3.5-inch prototype is fully functional, Serial ATA2-compatible, and incorporates a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-based controller with the HLNAND modules. It uses two 64GB HLDIMM modules (eight multi-chip packages (MCPs) per module, 16 MCPs in total) arranged on a single channel. MOSAID said that it provided the HLDIMM modules while INDILINX built the controller and system board.

Licenses for manufacturing MOSAID's HLNAND 64Gb NAND Flash memory device and 64GB HLDIMM module in production quantities are now available. MOSAID will be showcasing its HLNAND SSD prototype at the 2010 Flash Memory Summit held in Santa Clara, California on August 17 - 19. To learn more about the HLNAND technology, head here.

No word on when a SATA3 prototype will show up.

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  • the_krasno
    tmaxI want a SSD. Just waiting for the prices to drop a little more.

    Have a chair, sit with me, this is going to take a looooooooong time. Want some gum?
  • tmax
    I want a SSD. Just waiting for the prices to drop a little more.
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  • fayzaan
    Wow, great news! hopefully they can get this rolling quick. I have SSD so far and am very happy with the performance so far, but this will take things to the next level :D.
  • tmax
    I want a SSD. Just waiting for the prices to drop a little more.
  • twbg4cq
    I'll be more likely to buy an SSD when the price ratio is around a dollar per gig, but this is good news too :)