Time Traveling Sam & Max to Return in 2010

The return of Monkey Island was a very happy time for me. Unfortunately, having two very awesome games produced by the same company has its downsides. Monkey Island was a great series but I missed Sam & Max.

If you're like me, then today is a very happy Wednesday for us both. Kotaku reports that a new site has popped up over on Telltale's domain, teased at the conclusion of the fifth and final Monkey Island episode. That's right, folks, the teaser site is up for the next installment of Sam & Max and it looks very intriguing. Time travel, anyone?

Check out the teaser page here, and the images below via Kotaku.

What's your favorite Sam & Max game? As far as I'm concerned, Hit the Road is unbeatable. Memories!

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  • mlopinto2k1
  • Hit The Road is indeed an unbeatable piece of gaming history. Good on ya Telltale to not only resurrect the franchise but also keep it going.
  • athreex
    Agreed !! Sam and Max: Hit the Road is the best among all releases. Those Good old days with Windows 3.11 for Workgroups and DOS. I remember exiting Windows to enter in DOS mode and putting the disc to play the game. It provided some good hours of fun and comedy.

    in the second place I would put Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle. This one was quite funny.
  • donaldduck
    Look behind you! A three headed rabbit!!!
    Uh... Er... Wait.....
  • hardwarekid9756
    I dunno, I'm pretty fond of the episodic Sam and Max releases they did a few years back. Season 1 was by far the most awesome seaon, without a doubt. Season 2 was hilarious, but not as good. Abe Lincoln's head and Stinky the Diner owner? Enough said?