Samsung Announces Android Point-and-Shoot Galaxy Camera

Earlier this week, word got out that Samsung was preparing to announce a Samsung Galaxy S Camera at IFA 2012. The device was rumored to look like a Galaxy S III glued to the back of a point-and-shoot camera. Yesterday, Samsung had the device on hand at its Unpacked event in Berlin. The company showed off its newest offering to attendees, and yes, it does look like a Galaxy S III with a point-and-shoot around back.


This camera phone is a lot more camera than it is phone. With a 21x zoom, F/2.8, a 16 Megapixel 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor, up to 32GB of storage (as well as an automatic cloud storage option), a 4.8-inch 720p 308 ppi screen, a pop-up flash up top,  it's definitely got the makings of a great point-and-shoot camera. Running Jelly Bean and available with WiFi or WiFi and 3G/LTE, the device is capable of uploading pictures directly to Flickr, or social networking sites. Additionally, the camera app on the phone packs exposure settings, photo modes and editing tools so you can tweak your pictures before putting them on Facebook.

Samsung says the Galaxy S Camera should be out later this year. Any takers?

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  • hate machine
    This is cool but...

    FFS! Can we get some continuity in androids bottom rows of buttons? Can Google mandate a button arrangement already?
  • noobzilla771
    Not sure how I'd feel putting a camera on my face and talking to it like some crazy person.

    Oh wait you can't use it as a phone. Bummer!
  • plznote
    ^The camera does not have a cellular radio.
  • Katsu_rap
    9397616 said:
    Not sure how I'd feel putting a camera on my face and talking to it like some crazy person

    I feel ya. Especially if this product becomes unsuccessful and unpopular and people watching you talking on the phone thinking, "Oh that's just wrong dude"
  • jaquith
    Great on paper, Bad in reality. I think a better solution is Camera's Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity (Auto/Manual Sync + Resolution/Publish Settings) to your 'pocket' fitting Phone.

    If you want to take it to the next level then a Camera's VM to your Phone still in your pocket.

    Otherwise you ARE going to break that Camera Phone in no time flat or have a VERY bulging nerd pack attached to your belt.
  • digiex
    It's really a camera... wait a minute, it's a phone.

    I hope Apple did not patented it first.
  • Parsian
    i would go with Nokia PUREVIEW tech, check this footage taken by it:
  • teh_chem
    Wasn't this already posted?

    Anyhoo, the addition of an android device is pointless. Just use an Eye-Fi card and dump the pictures to your actual phone (or ipad/tablet/etc.) in real time. Why complicate an otherwise good camera with the unfortunate downsides (instability) of Android? I know it's not the same situation, but I can't count how many times the camera and gallery apps crash on my stock android phone and tablet. I would smash a camera to smitherines if I had to put up with that outside of my phone/tab.
  • freggo
    Would depend on price and photo quality.
    If it is typical smart phone camera quality, forget it.
    I can buy a decent Canon or Nikon compact for $150 that will do nice pics when you do not want to lug your SLR around; I usually carry one as a backup.
  • hang-the-9
    First I thought "Awesome!" then I thought a bit more. If one has a smartphone, no need for this, unless the price is same as for a regular camera like this. Then it does not matter. If you just have a regular phone, it would be OK, but some of the big features that a smartphone has like navigation, contacts, IM, etc... are a bit useless without a data plan available for the thing and seeing how this is not a phone/camera but a camera running an Android WiFi Device it may as well be a camera with a really complex control back.