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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Ban in the U.S. Overturned

In another legal blow to Apple, Samsung has had a sales ban against its Galaxy Nexus overturned.

The U.S. Court of Appeals overturned a ban on sales of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone due to the district court in California, who issued the ban in June, having "abused its discretion in entering an injunction".

Samsung welcomed the decision by stating it "confirms that the role of patent law is to protect innovation and not to unreasonably stifle competition and restrict consumer choice".

"We will continue to take all appropriate measures to ensure the availability of our innovative products," the South Korean conglomerate added.

Apple had previously seen a sales injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the U.S. being lifted.

While Apple were awarded $1.05 billion in damages by a California court against Samsung, their iPhone 5 was recently added into the latter's patent lawsuits against their rival.

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  • davewolfgang
    They need to find the idiot in the patent office that keeps "approving" these idiotically "vague" patents and not only FIRE them, but string them up!!! How many Billions are going to LAWYERS - not to the company and raising the prices for the consumer - because of this junk????
  • masterasia
    Still a very good phone, and the only phone with Jellybean. I will only buy Nexus phones for now on.
  • darkchazz
    masterasiaStill a very good phone, and the only phone with Jellybean. I will only buy Nexus phones for now on.Galaxy Note 2 ships w/ jelly bean.
  • jcurry23
    galaxy s3 has jelly bean also
  • g00fysmiley
    darkchazzGalaxy Note 2 ships w/ jelly bean.
    making the statment true until october 24th 2012 when you can buy a samsung galaxy note 2 :)
  • g00fysmiley
    jcurry23galaxy s3 has jelly bean also
    if you root it sure but us carriers sprint and verizon still have not pushed it through yet .. gotta make it work wit thier bloatware first
  • balister
    Finally there are judges that can see the Emperor has no clothes.
  • Verizon pushed jelly bean to me weeks ago.
  • Mathos
    Was gonna say, I've been running Jellybean on my Droid Razr for at least a couple months now. OS version 4.04
  • jaber2
    You mean to tell me I can patent round edges? how about sharp edges? as if they get paid to pass patents pft.