Samsung Galaxy Note 7.0 Shows Up Again in Benchmarks

Another benchmark result has further added evidence to the existence of Samsung's 7-inch Galaxy Note tablet.

A benchmark result for a device bearing the name GT-N5100 was outed earlier during the month, with GLBenchmark now listing the same tablet.

It's apparently running on Android 4.1.2 and it features the same model number as the Nenamark benchmark that went live recently.

Other information stemming from the latest benchmark is limited. The screen resolution is listed as 1280 x 800, which is different from the Nenamark result that depicted the tablet sporting a 1280 x 720 resolution.

The latter benchmark also revealed that the device will be powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core processor. It should be revealed during CES in January or, failing that, the Mobile World Congress during February.

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  • halcyon
    1280x800? That's just Nexus 7 territory. Why not 1920x1080 to give it an indisputable edge over the Nexus?
  • burlyed
    I just got a Note II (phablet), I love it. I already decided I would wait for the next Galaxy Note Tablet. I was expecting it to be a Note 10.1 with 1080 or 1200 x 1920xresolution or maybe a loaded 7.7". But 1280 x 800 7"? Now I think I will wait to decide.

    OK, I waited. I want one.
  • fuzzion
    Isnt that note1 resolution ?
  • obsama1
    So what makes it different than the Nexus 7 apart from CPU speed?

    If they include an SD card slot and sell it for the same price as the Nexus 7, then this will be a very good competitor to the Nexus 7.
  • bigdragon
    7 inches is too small for a note tablet. I have the Note 10.1 and would honestly love to see a 12 to 14 inch version. I primarily draw on mine so the extra surface area would be welcome. At 7 inches I feel like the tools would take up too much space on the screen. Perhaps Sketchbook Pro would still be ok because you can hide the tools.
  • g00fysmiley
    sd card, keep the resolution at this to keep the price down and compete with nexus 7 prices and i'll buy one, put a 1920x1080 screen on it and keep the specs/sd slot and i'd be willing to pay more than nexus 7 prices for it... but not sure how much more
  • halcyon