Samsung Confirms Galaxy S4, Won't Launch Before May

Samsung has confirmed the existence of its widely-anticipated Galaxy S4, which was recently showcased in a leaked image. However, the South Korean technology giant has stated that the smartphone won't launch before May.

Samsung Lebanon was responsible for spilling the beans. When a user on Facebook asked a question about when the firm's Galaxy S3 successor would launch, Samsung Lebanon responded: "The Galaxy SIV won't be released before May 2013."

The company then added, "What we said is only trivial since all Galaxy S series are released between late April and early May, yet there's no way for anyone to know the exact release date :)"

Recent speculation has suggested that the smartphone will be present at CES, but it'll be restricted to showings behind closed doors with executives from a number of top wireless carriers set to be offered the first glimpse. Samsung Electronics Vice President Jay Lee is said to be the executive on hand to host private previews of the latest prototype of the S4.

Although Samsung has hinted at a CES reveal for the device, other reports have pointed towards a separate event, with a launch rumored for April.

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  • Parsian
    why do they have to have that particular look??
  • hate machine
    Parsianwhy do they have to have that particular look??
    Not an official render.
  • joebob2000
    drool. If it is the same sized screen but that form factor (tighter bezel, thick edges) i will be ready to give my left leg for it...
  • keither5150
    My wife's S2 is up for renewal in July. This may be the winner. It will most likely be faster than my note 2. I hope they go non pentile display like the note 2. My wife went from a iphone 4 to an S2. Samsung has some happy happy customers here.
  • juuh
    Now... give it a REAL keyboard and a good camera. Don't care about the "thin factor".
  • nitto555rchallenger
    Hmmm 2 cameras on the back. Does anyone fine this interesting?
  • Kami3k
    juuhNow... give it a REAL keyboard and a good camera. Don't care about the "thin factor".
    There are plenty of other phones with a real keyboard, and good camera?

    The S3's is easily up there with the iPhone 5, never mind the S4's camera. And if you don't care about the thin factor then why do you want to change a line of phones that have always been that way?

    There are OTHER lines, you do realize that right?
  • jn77
    It would really be nice if it had an 8000mah battery and 2 x micro SDXC card slots....... this phone will be running android 4.x so in theory it can recognize 2TB of storage (Per card). Since 2TB micro SDXC cards to not exist (for the consumer). I want to put 2 x 64gb or 2x 128gb cards in my phone.
    Just what I've always wanted...a giant iPhone not made by Apple.
  • robochump
    JOSHSKORNJust what I've always wanted...a giant iPhone not made by Apple.
    You lookin for trouble here. Remember TH habor's iHaters, US car brand haters, and Samsheep. Prepare for thumbs down. Though I believe it is all the same guy with multiple ;)