Samsung Teases Big CES 2013 Reveal

Samsung has teased a new product unveiling during CES 2013, telling consumers to "get ready" for what could be the announcement of the Galaxy S4.

Within a blog post and video, the South Korean technology giant stated that its customers should "get ready as something new is coming" on January 8 to 11, which are the dates of the Consumer Electronics show.

While the teaser video naturally doesn't give much away, the phrase "the world is waiting" adds credence to the widespread speculation pertaining to the successor of Samsung's Galaxy S3.

Although it initially denied a CES 2013 reveal for the Galaxy S4, a Samsung official apparently told a Korean newspaper that it'll reveal a handset featuring an ultra-thin AMOLED material and a screen with a 441 pixel per inch density during the event.

Other reports have suggested an April 2013 launch for the device, as well as the possibility of the integration of eight cores, accompanied by Samsung's 'unbreakable', flexible screen.

Samsung recently confirmed its Exynos 5440 quad-core processor, which is what's rumored to be powering the Galaxy S4, with production purportedly having commenced last month.

Samsung CES 2013 Teaser


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  • fantasticles
    Really doubt they would announce the galaxy S4 so soon. Most likely a TV? (4k/8k - smart tv - etc)
  • hunshiki
    Oh, finally a 25" inch display phone, I guess. :)
    Seriously, I hope Samsung will fix this "soap bar" design. It's just... plain and ugly. For me at least.
    Don't get me wrong, I love the HTC design for example. Looks nice. Heck, even Sony looks decent.
  • mman74
    FantasticlesReally doubt they would announce the galaxy S4 so soon. Most likely a TV? (4k/8k - smart tv - etc)

    Really doubt it would be anything other than the S4. They have 2 flagship lines, the S and the Note series. All rumours point to a new handset - with specs leaked all over the web right now. 4K TVs don't generate anywhere near this level of hype. Trust me it's the S4, it'll have the flex screen, it'll have the high pixel density display, it'll have their new quad-core processor, and it's going to totally blow away the iPhone 5 / 5s. Samsung don't just launch a new phone every year - and it's because of this that Apple have upped their rate of release. S4 trust me or your money back!