Samsung Confirms Exynos 5440 Quad-Core Processor

The Exynos 5440 quad-core processor, which is rumored to be the chip powering Samsung's Galaxy S4, has been confirmed by the technology giant.

Samsung confirmed the quad-core chip's existence through its Kernel Git webpage. The chip itself is based on the dual-core version found in the Nexus 10 tablet, which it developed for Google.

Production on the Exynos 5450 chipset for the Galaxy S4 has previously been rumored, with the unannounced smartphone itself set to be unveiled during CES, 2013.

According to industry sources, the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is apparently codenamed 'Project J' and due for an April 2013 launch, sports a 5-inch full HD display, a 13MP camera and runs the latest version of Android -- perhaps Key Lime Pie.

Other speculation has suggested the device will be the first (or second) handset in history to feature eight cores.

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  • madjimms
    Looks pretty damn sexy.
  • stingstang
    Where did the 4 extra cores come from?
  • Ironslice
    stingstangWhere did the 4 extra cores come from?
    2 Processors apparently. 1 Exynos 5 Quad and a weaker one for less intensive apps to save battery life.
  • halcyon
    stingstangWhere did the 4 extra cores come from?Genetic mutation.
  • zzz_b
    Looks amazing, just worried about battery life.
    I am due for an update on my phone, so this might be it, if the battery life is good enough.
  • edlivian
    gpu is probably Mali T604 (with 1-4 cores)

    although I wish it was Mali T658
  • danwat1234
    Cortex A-15, awesome
  • g00fysmiley
    zzz_bLooks amazing, just worried about battery life.I am due for an update on my phone, so this might be it, if the battery life is good enough.
    smart phone just use alot of juice, my galaxy nexus i love it but after a few hours of use is dead, but i got a 10,000 mAh battery pack and just carry around both so now i never run out of juice and just charge em both at night. i think we are years away from smart phones to have the battery life of the old cell phones
  • becherovka
    All the major players are working on better power management, eventually it will be power consumption per thread that matters. Some of this is part of the cpu design, Intel are working hard on it look at their plan (see link), but some is also software and I hope project runway works as planned. I hate to say it but apple did do a decent job on their processors / software, I am guessing we are about to see a few big changes.
  • house70
    madjimmsLooks pretty damn sexy.That's a rendering, not how the phone will look like; same was used before the SGS3 launched, and nobody knew how the phone looked until launch conference.
    Disappointed to see Tom's using the same rendering again and again without any proof, thus feeding assumptions.