Google Hints to Key Lime Pie as Next Android Release

There's a major chance the next full build of Android will be dubbed "Key Lime Pie" as originally rumored. This unofficial confirmation officially arrives by way of a Google employee on Google+ who took the time to draw the evolution of Android in a cartoon format, similar to the "monkey to man" depiction used to visually demonstrate the evolution of man.

According to the cartoon history, a primitive, hunchback android started off chomping on a cupcake (v1.5), then progressed to a donut (v1.6) , an eclair (v2.0 to v2.1), a cup of frozen yogurt or "froyo" (v2.2), a gingerbread cookie (v2.3 to v2.3.7) and then a piece of honeycomb (v3.1 to v3.2). All the while, the droid is beginning to stand erect, grow in size, and sprout loner antennae.

By the time "The Bugdroid" was fully erect, he is eating an ice cream sandwich (v4.0.3 to v4.0.4) – or rather, the timepoint in the mobile platform's evolution where Google began to seriously tackle fragmentation. Like the popular depiction of man's evolution, the droid has reached a point where he's visually more superior than the previous cupcake-eating hunchback. The Google employee seems to think this is when Android became a solid platform.

After eating an ice cream sandwich, our popular green droid is smiling and eating a cup of tasty jelly beans (4.1 to v4.2). His next meal is depicted as a slice of key lime pie. He's smiling, fully alert, and seems to have a special green sparkle to his outer shell and a kick in his step.

The version number is unknown at this point, but the next logical step seems to be v4.3 or v5.0. It will likely depend on how big of a leap the next update will make. The jump from v2.3 "Gingerbread" to v3.0 "Honeycomb" was an obvious one as was the leap from v3.0 "Honeycomb" to v4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich". Recent rumors have pointed to an entirely new build, v5.0 "Key Lime Pie", so we'll just have to see what 2013 holds for Google's popular robotic platform.

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  • john15v16
    Nice, Jelly bean is already as smooth as butter, can't wait for my OTA update!
  • silverblue
    Guessed this one a while back... now, what's for L? :)
  • john15v16
    Oh, BTW flash still works well on Jelly Bean too (android browser, opera and firefox mobile) . I hope it stays this way for the new update...
  • bak0n
    As long as key lime pie is like the fresh stuff in florida and not the crap we get on the west coast, it'll be smooth.
  • atminside
    Damn that is a lot of junk food.....diabetes much?
  • Tanquen
    Cool, will Bluetooth voice dialing work? I returned my new Verizon DNA today as Voice Search and voice dialing are broke. It’s too bad as I really like the wireless charging and the 1080p screen. :(
  • mazty
    Will always remind me of Dexter...
  • QEFX
    silverblueGuessed this one a while back... now, what's for L?
    Lemon meringue pie?

    Would be a logical upgrade from key lime pie as an incremental .x update.
  • Vestin
    (...)the droid has reached a point where he's visually more superior(...)
    Ah, "more superior"... All the awesomeness of "more better" with the additional Latin ring to it....
  • samwelaye
    silverblueGuessed this one a while back... now, what's for L?probably lemon something... lemon meringue sounds good for L.