Sega Suing THQ for Close to $1 Million for Company of Heroes 2 Preorders

Though THQ has been defunct as a company for a number of months now, Sega still seeks satisfaction from the dead publisher.

Recently, it filed a claim with the Delaware U.S. Bankruptcy Court, demanding $941,710.93 from THQ. Why this seemingly random sum? Apparently, this is the amount that Valve paid out to THQ for Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders.

According to Eurogamer, there were 20,755 pre-orders of Company of Heroes 2 from the period of September 2012 to January 2013, which generated $1,345,301.29 in sales. After Valve took its 30 percent cut, only $940K remained for THQ.

Sega claims that it's entitled to at least $500K of that figure (or $508,877.85, to be precise) because THQ filed for bankruptcy protection after December 19, 2012. Since Sega bought up the rights to Company of Heroes 2, it's entitled to all the money that Valve paid out to THQ after that December 19th period. The logic doesn't really add up, but it's worthwhile for Sega to file for a claim if it even has a remote chance of getting some money out of the deal.

Still, the near $1 million figure that Sega is seeking (or at least the $500K) is just a fraction of the $200 million figure that other creditors claim that they're still owed by THQ.

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  • cats_Paw
    Sega is still alive?
  • Other Comments
  • dns7950

    Yeah, the expression "beating a dead horse" comes to mind.
  • cats_Paw
    Sega is still alive?
  • Shaun o
    That just goes to show at the end of the day how important money still is to some company's above all else than the quality of the product, or the game it`s self.

    I still remember the fiasco with Sega, and Gearbox.
    None of the people who pre bought Aliens Colonial Marines got there money back from Sega. Instead they blamed Gearbox.

    Did anyone ever get there money back from Sega for that mess of a game.
    Oh poor old Sega. Well we know who`s looking after who.
    Personally I wish Sega had not bought THQ. after what happend with Alien Colonial Marines.