Intel Reveals Its Media Server Reference Design

Intel is unveiling its Media Server Reference Design (MSRD) at TV Connect to help server providers to meet the changing expectations from their customers who have been driven by retail OTT products and provide "great customer experiences." This includes beautiful visually-based user interfaces, the ability to add new services and applications, and multi-screen usages such as the ability to watch pay TV on ultrabooks and AIO computers on a platform that allows rapid deployment.

The MSRD comprises a hardware and software design kit for OEMs and system integrators and will be based on the Intel Atom CE5300, a dual-core Atom SOC that offers hyperthreading, virtualization, an advanced  graphics engine, integrated power management, and an H.264 B-picture hardware encoder. To reduce development and testing time, Intel has partnered with a number of companies to pre-integrate the following components:

  • Futaraque DVB-T2/T/C broadcast and media sharing stacks
  • Hillcrest Labs Freespace Motion Engine for motion-enabled remote controls
  • ProDrive hardware platform
  • Videom Central Avia Media Engine

Intel expects the MSRD to be available beginning in April 2013 from the company and its distribution partners.


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  • Arls
    I'm hoping a hardware package like this becomes the norm for HD PVR's.
  • Vorador2
    Still nowhere near AMD APUs for media purposes.
  • ojas
    Vorador2Still nowhere near AMD APUs for media purposes.

    Yeah man, i mean movie playback at anything less than 100 fps just isn't tolerable.