Tom's Guide: 15 Awesome Android Shoot 'Em Ups

We love a good shoot 'em up as much as the next gamer, but (like a lot of people), we find we don't have near enough time to indulge in this classic video game genre. Luckily, mobile gaming has reached the point where mobile shoot 'em ups are actually quite fun. If you've got an Android, we've got you covered. The Tom's Guide team has put together an awesome list of Android shoot 'em ups. Be sure to check it out!

Shoot 'em up games (affectionately called 'shmups') have a long and storied history in the timeline of computer games, from the pioneering Spacewar (1962) and Space Invaders (1978) to genre classics such as R-Type, Raiden, and Tyrian. A genre marked by vibrant graphics, addictive gameplay, and razor thin margins between perfect success and explosive death, shooters have captivated gamers via arcade machines, desktop computers, and games consoles. It's no different in today's mobile gaming environment, with retro classics being resurrected for mobile play, as well as new games taking inspiration from the best of the genre. If you're looking for a good game for your Android device this weekend, why not give these excellent 'shmups' a shot?15 Awesome Android Shoot 'Em Ups

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  • alicepattinson
    I remember playing games on my family computer when I was a kid, it's like the game Open Tyrain on the link you gave. Nice! :)