CES 2010: Shuttle's J Series, XS35 and new AIOs

Shuttle - the LAN party enthusiasts' best friend. While it's LAN-friendly XPC line is always a fan favorite, Shuttle has begun to diversify into several different PC segments.

The new XS35 exemplifies that diversity. This Wii-sized nettop PC has the new dual-core D510 from Intel, 2 GB of DDR2 memory, and if the integrated graphics aren't your cup of joe, a GeForce 9400 from Nvidia. The XS35 also supports a VESA mount, making it the perfect companion to your HDTV or home theater setup.

If all you care about is a new LAN box, then Shuttle hears you. The new J series looks like XPCs of old on the outside, but there is a vast departure on the inside. While the J series can still use the Shuttle brand motherboards many gamers know and love, they can also use standard mini-ITX motherboards as well. The J series is split into three models; the entry-level SG41J1 supports Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad and has X4500 graphics on board. If Core i3/i5 is what you desire, then the SH55J2 should do quite nicely. And for the hardcore gamer on the go, the SX58J3 uses an X58 motherboard with Core i7 CPUs, as well as support for ATI CrossFireX and Nvidia SLI graphics configurations. Unfortunately, the case isn't large enough to support a Radeon 5890.

Shuttle also has some new All-In-One models on display, including the X50 v2. This AIO is very similar to the XS35 (Intel D510, integrated GPU), but the built-in screen, optical drive and carrying handle make it an attractive option for those who want a secondary PC in the kitchen or family room.

Believe me when I say this isn't it for Shuttle. There are some big announcements coming tomorrow. If you're interested in notebooks or motherboards, you might want to check in tomorrow afternoon...

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  • adaman2576
    I made the mistake of getting a shuttle case when they first came out. It only had one 80mm fan in it. Big mistake by shuttle. I had to put a vantec tornado fan in it just to keep the athlon mobile 2600 cpu under 50C at idle. If you don't know how loud, powerful, and annoying a 80mm vantec tornado fan is, let's just say if I would of put casters on the bottom of the case it would of shot off my desk.
  • anamaniac
    I went to Wal-Mart recently and noticed every PC on sale had a Mini-ATX tower and a 20" screen...
    My thought? None of them can play Crysis...
  • idisarmu
    HD5890 doesn't exist yet, 5970 is what you mean.

    Nevertheless, I'm still looking forward to an HD5890 card.
  • anamaniac
    There are quite a few mini-itx computers on the market that can play Crisis. We build them and test them with Crisis all the time. Now, Wal-Mart might not carry the higher end ones, but you shouldn't be looking at Wal-Mart for gaming PCs anyway.