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Skype Announces 'Free Skype Wi-Fi' for UK and Ireland

VoIP provider Skype has teamed up with Wicoms to launch Skype Wi-Fi, a service that will provide free WiFi to people in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The partnership will see the two companies pair up to help local businesses provide internet access for their customers.

"Consumers expect public WiFi," Wicoms explains on its website. "Skype WiFi provides an exceptional experience from a brand they trust."

Business owners can choose from a variety of plans, ranging in price from £10 to £95, which will cover the cost of service for a specific period of time (one month, six months, or a year). All plans come with a free router and free service through the month of October. After that, businesses will have to start paying for the service.

The FAQ reveals that Skype Wi-Fi does have a certain level of filtering and will block certain content 'like pornographic and phishing sites.' 

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