Tester Leaks Info On Skyrim Dragonborn DLC

Right before Dragonborn's release on Xbox 360, an alleged beta tester leaked details on Skyrim's latest DLC. It should be noted that the beta

tester's status is unconfirmed and all of the following is rumor until proven otherwise.

According to the leaked info, Dragonborn doesn't require the completion of the main quest, but different dialogue options will be available if the main quest is completed. The DLC starts off with Cultists of Miraak attacking the player on their search for the false dragonborn. Looting their corpses will reveal information about where the cultists come from. A boat can then be taken from Windhelm to Solstheim, the setting of the DLC.

Solstheim has a discrete map and is approximately the size of the Reach near Markarth.

New factions include a werewolf pack located at Frostmoon Crag and the Morag Tong, the Morrowind assassin's guild. Unfortunately, the player cannot join the Morag Tong and the only level of interactivity available is to fight them.

New enemies, locations, armor, weapons, spells, and shouts will also be available.

Considering that Dragonborn is hitting the 360 tomorrow (priced at $20), we'll be able to see the validity of the details that the beta tester leaked.

PC and PS3 players will have to wait until early 2013 to play Dragonborn. This is especially happy news for PS3 players, who have thus so far been spurned in getting Skyrim DLC due to technical issues. 

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  • mrmike_49
    call me when it's $10 for the pc
  • sundragon
    Cannot wait... lol
  • alidan
    mrmike_49call me when it's $10 for the pc
    depending on the size of the content, it may warrant 20$
  • killerclick
    Why Xbox exclusive?
  • tomfreak
    alidandepending on the size of the content, it may warrant 20$if I can bought the main base game for 19bucks,($10 in some other place) I wont be paying $20 for a DLC.

    $5 is the maximum I will pay for dawnguard. Same for $5 for Dragonborn. Given that Skyrim alone gonna took 250-300 hours per character, it is not like I gonna finish everything in 1 year if I were to build every type of diff character build, And with lots of mods quest afterward. So I got plenty of time to wait price drop lol
  • fedelm
    alidandepending on the size of the content, it may warrant 20$
    I don't think the previous DLC was worth 20$.

    Also bear in mind that (last time I checked) this game is still selling for 60$...13 months after release.
  • 250-300 hours per character? Wow. I finished all the quest lines and cleared every dungeon on the map in somewhere around 120 hours. Morrowind took over 200 hours to play all the way through.

    I just picked up Dawnguard for $14 and Hearthfire for $3 on the Steam winter sale. I guess I'll wait until Dragonborn is released for the PC before playing again. Just enough time to play Mass Effect 3 through again with the new Omega DLC :wahoo:
  • fuzzion
    Rumour mill says December release for PC.
  • JDFan
    alidandepending on the size of the content, it may warrant 20$
    Might have been worth $20 if released at the same time as Xbox version but a 30 day delay means it's worth less since it is not new content any more - If I have to wait 30 days may as well wait 30 more and buy it on sale rather than pay full price or just skip it altogether. (since the only way to stop companies from doing these stupid exclusive timed releases is to not support the companies that do them !)
  • im going to cry if it is not up for dl in t minus fucking now.