Lenovo, Acer, Sony Targetted in Green Dam Suit

Soon after China announced its Green Dam plans (that is, to ship every computer after July 1 with the mandatory filtering software), an American company came forward and claimed that parts of its filtering software CyberSitting, which is aimed at parental use, are being used in the Green Dam software. At the time Solid Oak said it was unsure of how it was going to proceed but the company did mention that seeking a court injunction to stop manufacturers shipping the software was a definite possibility.

Reports now claim that initially, the company's court case will be targeting Sony, Acer and Lenovo because while the project has been delayed, the aforementioned manufacturers have started shipping computers with the software anyway.

Last week China announced a delay in the roll out of Green Dam, stating that manufacturers would not be ready for the July 1 deadline and needed more time. Later in the week, China said that yes, it would go ahead with Green Dam and that no, the Solid Oak issue was not the reason for the delay. "What will happen is that some PC manufacturers will have it included with their PC packages sooner than the others," an MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) official said. "But there is no definite deadline at the moment."

A Solid Oak spokeswoman told IDG that the company might also take action against other PC makers that have started shipping the software.

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  • doc70
    well, maybe they'll learn that singing along a communist song just for the love of sales doesn't mean they're immune from any legal consequences... after all, they can't say they didn't know about the copyright issue, all the Internet was full of news about it. Hope they will have to pay big royalties for putting that software on their systems.
  • captaincharisma
    here come the patent hors
  • Greg_77
    I thought Lenovo didn't accept the Green Dam software? I thought it was Toshiba? I could be wrong, after all, Lenovo is a Chinese company.