Sony Reportedly Cut PS4 Camera to Beat Xbox One Price

Sony dropped a bomb shell when it revealed at E3 this year during its press conference that the PlayStation 4 was going to be $399, $100 cheaper than its competitor the Xbox One.

According to sources close to IGN, the reason that Sony was able to drop the price of its next gen console to be cheaper than the Xbox One was because it cut the PlayStation 4 camera at the last minute.

Because the PlayStation 4 camera was cut well into the console's development, this meant that some functions built into the PlayStation 4 controller have been rendered useless. The DualShock 4 controller was built with LED Move trackers. Now these LED's sole functions are to serve as visual cues for the player on in-game occurrences, such as when the player is low on health.

The PlayStation 4 camera has now been made into a $60 accessory.

Though Sony is essentially giving up support of the PS Move by doing so (unless it releases some killer games that support the camera), it may have been the right call on their part. Motion control, at least for this generation, has proven to be a dud for gaming. Sony's proven that its focus right now is on core gamers, who probably don't find motion control to be an integral part of their gaming experience. And this attitude is paying off; not only did Sony win the favor of gamers at E3 2013, but the PS4 is doing rather well in pre-sales.  

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  • KelvinTy
    If camera-to-console is such a hit, they and the developers would have known.

    Now why they bundle the camera with the unit when they know it would just increase the costs, time and resources into development?
  • blubbey
    Why is this a question? Of course it's a good move. Random points why off the top of my head.

    1) Motion controls are rarely used in my experience. It's usually just an "oh that's cool", used a few times then sits there unused. That's my experience with the Wii, Move and Kinect.

    2) Cheaper means more will buy it (many "casual" people will see the prices and pick the PS4 over X1 because of it).

    3) The people who you can rely on to buy your console are the more game orientated market, they more than likely won't buy many, if any, motion related games.

    4) They could phase out the motion controls later on in life if nobody is buying it. It'll be easier than, say, releasing a "slim" version of the console to strip it of it.

    5) If they did include then didn't add it, there may be consumer backlash if the price isn't cut enough.

    6) If it was included, they may have warped ideas of its use. That might've lead to wasted money on motion control games. This way it's easier to see, easier to put money where it's needed.
  • back_by_demand
    Is it worth an extra $100 to not have to buy from a company that installs rootkits without your knowledge and allows yur credit card details to be hacked, tough call