Report: Sony's Got a PlayStation Tab Called S1

Engadget’s nabbed itself some exclusive intel: Confirmed by “two highly trusted, independent sources” comes word that Sony has got not one but two tablets in development. The first is a 9.4-inch Android device (Honeycomb, of course), which is apparently going to be PlayStation-branded.

Said to be 100 percent focused Qriocity, the music, games, ebooks, and videos on demand service that's live in Europe, the team behind the tablet incorporates top engineers from Sony's Reader, PlayStation, and Sony Ericsson departments, but is ultimately lead by the VAIO product team. Sony's working on some custom-built transitions and UI elements for Honeycomb and the result will apparently rival the user interface experience offered by the iPad.

What do you guys think: Is a gaming tablet a possibility or do you just have to have those hardware controls? Let us know!

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  • chase_tm
  • User69
    Hopefully it won't rival the iPads same old boring, uncreative, restricted UI. I mean really does everything have to rival the iPad? Hello! There are a million other tablets that blow the iPad out of the water in terms of hardware, performance, internet usage. Ipad 2? guess what...same boring UI since the first iphone. I feel like i'm taking crazy pills here!
  • Milleman