SquareTrade Torture Tests the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III

Shortly after Apple unveiled its iPhone 5, Samsung went ahead and launched an aggressive ad campaign with a bold statement saying, "The next big thing is already here." Since the launch of the iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy S III has widely been considered its biggest rival. Now, the company that brought you the famous Samsung Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4S drop test is back.

Electronics warranty company Squaretrade has decided to torture test the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 to determine which is the sturdier of the two. Overall, it appears the iPhone 5 came out on top in terms of durability, but that may have something to do with the fact that the tests were executed without a high degree of precision. The very first test, a simple drop from shoulder height, wasn't exactly a fair fight. The company dropped the Samsung phone on its face, while dropping the iPhone on its edge. Not surprisingly, the Samsung took more damage.

The company did it again with its final test, dropping a beer bottle directly onto the Samsung screen, while only hitting the edges of the iPhone. As you can see in the screenshot, the Samsung obviously suffered a more direct hit.

Regardless of make, given the cost and fragility of phones these days, it's not surprising to see many people toting their devices around in cases these days.

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Tuan Mai
Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.
  • ohim
    Seriously ? they they drop the S3 face on the ground and the iphone on it`s side ...
  • ELMO_2006
    WTF! Let's try to be consistent with the tests please.
  • mavroxur
    What a bullsh*it test. The iPhone took a bunch of indirect hits, while the SIII took direct hits. Drop on face versus back? Beer bottle flat across face, versus a corner directly on the screen? Really?
  • Antimatter79
    Ok, if the tests weren't even done fairly, what was the point of even posting the article?
  • I never take much stock in these tests. They are not professionally done, nor do they even attempt to make the testing fair. Drop iPhone 5 on pillow, run GS3 over with car, omg the GS3 screen is destroyed!
  • ikyung
    What would hurt more? A punch to the nose or a punch to the side of your face?
  • Pinhedd
    I wonder which one will take a .308 the best?
  • Benihana
    Antimatter79Ok, if the tests weren't even done fairly, what was the point of even posting the article?Agreed, if there's too much lack of control on the testing, then accurate conclusions that mean something cannot be drawn.

    So why even mention it?
  • robochump
    iPhone will stand up better to drops/hits. I hear its the scratching of the casing thats the problem. Of course Samsung fan boys will deny any claims that SIII is not perfect...lol. Yes bash any Apple fan boys for praising their products. Interesting isn't it? lol
  • Dangi
    Really ?? How can Tom's post this blatantly viased test