Microsoft Planning Midnight Launch for Surface Tablet

Following the product popping up on several Microsoft product pages, there are expectations now of a midnight launch for Surface.

Along with Windows 8, Surface will release at midnight on October 26. The tablet will utilize the Windows 8 operating system, which will feature a tablet interface called Modern UI -- the interface is already available on Windows phone.

While the price of Surface still hasn't been announced with just three weeks left till launch, Microsoft stressed earlier in the year that the tablet would be priced at a "competitive" level.

The device will come in two different sizes, with both boasting 10.6" HD displays and a stand. Details such as battery life and RAM, though, have yet to be confirmed.

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  • aicom
    October 26th will be forever known as the day people can do real work on tablets :P
  • DjEaZy
    Microsoft Planning Midnight Launch for Surface Tablet? I'll be sleeping...
  • killerclick
    If Microsoft didn't want to brag about price and battery life, they must have nothing to brag about. When you announce a product that's months away, you want to keep as many people as possible from buying competing products in the meantime. There is no point to be silent about the positives, so it's either some crazy new 'innovative' marketing strategy, or this thing is going to be expensive and power-hungry.
  • goodegg
    So Microsoft wants to sell a product that is 80% of a laptop for 200% the cost of a laptop? Who's the market for this product?
  • kcorp2003
    I hope I can afford it. I want to buy one for my mom.
  • pacomac
    The tablet features an interface called 'Modern UI', which is a rather crafty way of preventing other OS manufacturers coining the same phrase about their UI's! So when Surface is 5 years old it still has a Modern UI ;)
  • Just 3 weeks away and yet Microsoft does not have the guts to reveal the spec, the price and the battery life. That will actually do more harm than good as if they price it too low, they will piss off their vendor partners who have priced it too high. If they price it too high, there is no point as few people will be buying. And what is about this promotional activities like a midnight launch? If it does not draw a long line like Apple, critics are going to jump all over it. In most likely event it won't, because those who have a need for tablet most likely already own either Apple's or Android's, especially this is a ARM based tablet, which is not compatible with existing applications.

    But then again, all OS from Microsoft was a midnight launch event in the past, so I guess this is just a tradition.
  • freggo
    Who do you think you are..Apple ?

    That's going to be one lonely night fellows :-)
  • elaina forte
    with both boasting 10.6" HD displays and a stand. Details such as battery life and RAM, though, have yet to be confirmed.
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer
    I want to go! Then, in the stunned silence following the announcement that the cheapest model is $600 without a keyboard, I can heckle, "Are you out of your g-dd-mn-d minds!?"