ViewSonic Tablet Will Have Android & Windows

California-based ViewSonic is slated to reveal two tablets at the IFA 2010 electronics trade show in Berlin, dated for next week--September 3 - 8.

Although the device currently does not have a name, ViewSonic's upcoming 10-inch Intel-based tablet will reportedly dual-boot both Microsoft and Android operating systems. Specifics weren't revealed, however reports indicate that the tablet could sport Windows 7 rather than CE or Windows Phone 7 on the Microsoft end. As for the Android platform, the newer v3.0 (aka Gingerbread) is a likely candidate, currently slated for a Q4 release.

ViewSonic also plans to reveal second, smaller tablet called ViewPad 7. Unlike its 10-inch cousin, the 7-inch device will be completely Android-based. Additional specs will include 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, front and back-facing cameras, USB ports, Bluetooth, a Micro SD card slot, G-Sensor support (accelerometer), assisted GPS and more.

For now, ViewSonic has not announced an official launch date, however it's probable that both devices will launch with the rest of the tablet bunch flooding the market by the end of the year. ViewSonic may have an advantage by offering a dual-boot tablet, providing consumers with the best of both worlds--Windows and Android.

Stay tuned for more information during the show next week.

  • ares1214
    Now thats the sound of a winner! Give the users choice! Nice sizes too, and good for using latest OS.
  • Prince_Porter
    I'm intrigued, may have to set some money aside if what I read is good.
  • Stryter
    I like that combination!
  • TomsSound
    Could be a winner... depends heavily on price.
  • TheGreatGrapeApe
    Yep, I would like to continue with a Win7 Tablet, I like my current one, and see no need to be limited to a lesser OS. Having the option for both Android and Win7 would give me the best of both worlds, stripped down OS for surfing and media viewing on the go or on the couch, and then the full blown desktop OS when I need to do real work on the fly.
  • house70
    i am game for a tablet, this looks like a good one .
  • dEAne
    viewsonic is up to this? wow it is very cool.
  • dimar
    If they give it capacitive touch screen and 3GB RAM, I'm getting it.
  • I own a ipad 3g for month. and spent 300 dollar extra more at appstore. it just kept me spenting more money to find out what maybe good at ipad. but all junks. I still couldn't find me a good purpose of using it. maybe I should give this viewsonic pad a try. since I m always a windows lover.
  • bustapr
    I want to get a good tabletpc for ereading, and for what Ive seen, viewsonic hdtvs dont look all that good. If the price is good Ill get the big one for sure, also depends on the screen quality.

    Also I havent heard about the marvell moby tablet in ages, wheres that been. You know, the $99 tablet with, full hd, windows 7, and 10 inches of glory...