Teenager Jailed After Posting YouTube Vid Of Airborne Baby

Atlanta (GA) - A 16-year-old is behind bars today after he posted a stomach-churning YouTube

video of a baby being launched in the air. The teen placed the eight-month-old baby on an inflatable pillow which he then jumped on. The baby flew several feet and was crying after hitting the ground.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested the teenager after his high school teenager saw the video. He is being charged with felony cruelty to a child, but could face more serious charges if the baby has any permanent damage. The teenager’s friend who filmed the act was not charged.

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If you have a strong stomach, you can watch MSNBC’s video report here

  • jumpman
    wow, people are ******up
  • blackwidow_rsa
    Holy shi+
  • If I found this kid, I would never stop hitting him.
  • Where's Joe Horn when you need him?
  • LoboBrancoTimido
    O_o Oh my God, this shi% is serious, hope he gets jailed.
    Somethings are just not funny.
  • altflood3r
    thats **** sick... if i saw that kid in the street i Would rip his jaw of his face ,,,,, thats ***** ,, i cannot express how much rage i feel towards this little american ***** *****,
    this makes me soo sick i cannot explain it
  • Lozil
    He is Sick.....

  • soark
    omfg! :S
  • cah027
    Its the violent video games man !

    J/K :)
  • hurbt
    maybe they shouldn't have taken corporal punishment out of schools...