New UK Carrier Pledges 25 Percent of Profits to Charity

The United Kingdom has a brand new mobile network that is promising to donate a portion of its profits to charity. Dubbed The People's Operator, the mobile network is actually running on Orange and T-Mobile's infrastructure and is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). The network plans to give a quarter of its profits to charity as well as 10 percent of every customer's call, text and data spend.

In addition to customers knowing their chatting is actually for a good cause, TPO says it offers corporates a unique opportunity to fulfill their CSR commitments. According to the operator, by switching to TPO, 10 percent of all call, text and data spend will get directed to the company's nominated cause.

"TPO offers customers the opportunity to benefit from a great mobile deal while supporting their favorite causes, simply by using their mobiles as they do every day and not giving anything more from their own pocket," said Mark Epstein, Vice-Chair and Co-founder of TPO.

TPO is working with several causes across the United Kingdom including the NSPCC, the Trussell Trust, ChildLine, Islington Giving, Regenerate, and Claxton House. The network expects this list to grow over the coming months with similar organizations signing up in due course.

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  • nieur
    if consumers want give money to charity they don't need carrier for that
  • Kami3k
    nieurif consumers want give money to charity they don't need carrier for that

    Lol, how pathetic. You are bashing a company for giving to charity.
  • rosen380
    Well lots of companies give money to charities and don't make big deals about it.

    And I agree with Nieur anyways. Per a related article on their rates are also 20% higher than the competition, so

    Company A: Bills you $60 for service that costs $50
    Company B: Bills you $72 for service that costs $50 and then donates 25% of the difference to charity.

    Why not just go with A and give $12 to charity rather than giving B $12 so they can give less than half of that to charity?

  • murzar
    Riight. Such benevolence.
  • rosen380
    And I bet she gave at least a quarter of that to charity...
  • virtualban
    What about giving "charity" to those who would not otherwise buy movies and music (except maybe the Avengers), without the need for ?