Report: Nvidia Developing Ultra, LE Variants of GTX Titan

According to a report from, Nvidia is currently planning to expand the GeForce GTX Titan into its own mini-family of products by releasing two new SKUs based on the GK110 silicon that will bear the LE and Ultra monikers.

Those familiar with Nvidia's naming conventions will not be surprised to find that they refer to downscaled and uprated variants of the standard GTX Titan that has different clock rates and quantity of shaders units, TMUs, and ROPs, but maintain the same base platform.

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ModelGTX Titan LEGTX TitanGTX Titan II “Ultra”
Chip BaseNvidia GK110Nvidia GK110Nvidia GK110
Clock Rates837 / 876 / 3,000 MHz837 / 876 / 3,000 MHz837 / 950 / 3,400 MHz
Raster Engines4-555
Shader Units249626882880
Memory5 GB GDDR5 320-bit6 GB GDDR5 384-bit6 GB GDDR5 384-bit
Power Consumption (Load)180 W – 190 W206 W220 W – 230 W
3DCenter Performance Index410% - 430%480 %530% - 550%

Though none of this has been officially confirmed by Nvidia, the existence of these variants has been rumored for quite some time now. Their release would certainly improve the company’s ability to compete with AMD’s upcoming Radeon HD 7990 “Malta” graphics card.

The LE and Ultra variants of the GTX Titan are rumored to be released sometime in 2013 / 2014. There has been no shortage of speculation about its price tag. Guru3D is predicting prices of $599 for the LE, $799 for the Titan, and $999 for the Ultra; 3DCenter is placing prices between $599 - $699 for the LE, $980 for the Titan, and over $1,000 for the Ultra.

  • toddybody
    This doesnt make me hopeful in regards to the GTX 7xx series. I dont think they'd align a 499.99 780 to compete with a 1000.00+ flagship card...though I was hoping to see a huge perf jump from 6xx. Guess the 8xx will bring the goods :/
  • de5_Roy
    malta is the codename for radeon 7990 dual gpu card, not 7790.

    these super high-end cards (with their prices) seem pointless. sell 'em under $500 and you got a deal.
  • Au_equus
    If the "ultra" titan can approach the 690, then you can talk about placing it at or a higher price. I like guru3d's pricing scheme, but we all know that's not going to happen.
  • cooldudesubho
    Hello nvidia please make TITAN with 3gb ram at 500 dollors.Thank you.
  • fil1p
    I'm not sure how the people who just bought the regular Titan will feel about the Titan Ultra. I can imagine it won't feel too good. Then again it will be interesting to see how it performs.
  • DarkSable
    There's no way the Ultra will launch at $1k.

    It'll be at least $1.3k.
  • hannibal
    10706933 said:
    I'm not sure how the people who just bought the regular Titan will feel about the Titan Ultra. I can imagine it won't feel too good. Then again it will be interesting to see how it performs.

    Well, if Ultra will be more expensive than normal Titan, then why would they feel not good? If they can afford Titan, they can Afford to upgrade to Ultra even if it will cost 1200$... 200 more for 1000$ is not much. For any normal people even the normal Titan with 990$ price tag is too much, so anyone who can afford Titan, can afford upgrade to Ultra if they really want to. The difference is not subtantial.

  • 17seconds
    10706504 said:
    Report: All you suckers are getting ripped off.
    Am I the only one who can appreciate the irony of this statement? If I'm not mistaken, Mack, didn't you buy your 7970 Lightnings when they were almost $600 each? And do you not also have to run them with a FPS limiter? No offense, just some friendly ribbing.

    Anyway, as usual, this is last week's news. This week, we have news about the release of the GTX 780, 770, and 760 Ti.

    First and foremost, few weeks back, several websites leaked the news about a part called GeForce GTX Titan LE, a board based on cut down GK110 GPU silicon. The leak was right, since this will actually be a consumer version of Tesla K20C, the 2496-core part with 5GB of GDDR5 memory. The name will not be the GTX Titan LE, though. Meet the GeForce GTX 780 5GB. Just as the GTX Titan was a consumer version of the K20X (2688-core part, 6GB GDDR5 memory), K20A/C is getting a consumer version as well. The performance is about 30% faster than a single GTX 680. You can expect this board to launch (hard launch, availability from Day 0) in the final days of May, as the Computex train starts to heat up. Pricing unknown, but you should prices anywhere between $499 and $599.
  • nforce4max
    Finally an Ultra!
  • slomo4sho
    Ultra ripoff.