Torchlight 2 Release Date Announced

A few days ago, Runic Games announced that they would be revealing the release date of the much anticipated dungeon crawler Torchlight II at PAX Prime.

Now that we're squarely in PAX Prime Day 1, Runic Games has kept its promise… sort of. Runic Games first made the announcement to its fans via its official forums last night.

Travis Baldree, Runic President, broke the news with the following post:

"The official Release Date for Torchlight II is Thursday, September 20th, 2012.

"3 weeks away!

"We'll announce it 'more' officially and bigger tomorrow.

"You know first!"

Months prior, Runic Games expected to launch Torchlight's sequel in June, just a month after Diablo III's intended release date. However, when June rolled past into July, it became apparent that Runic Game's wasn't going to be releasing Torchlight II any time soon. Baldree then revealed that Torchlight II was delayed for tweaks, balances, and some polishing.

Now that Torchlight II is within tangible reach, hopefully, Torchlight fans have used time delay in release as time to revisit the series.


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  • master_chen
    Oh hell yeah, finally. Love Torchlight.
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  • master_chen
    Oh hell yeah, finally. Love Torchlight.
  • SinisterSalad
  • jossrik
    If you have trouble with the forums idroid do we really trust you with the important stuff?