Toshiba Announces Tegra 3-Powered AT300SE Tablet

Toshiba has announced its latest tablet, the AT300SE, which is essentially an entry level version of the AT300.

The tablet comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen, with the AT300 offering a 10.1-inch LED screen. The AT300SE has a resolution of of 1280 x 800 and claims a "wide viewing angle".

Powering the device is a Tegra 3 processor with an integrated graphics controller, 1GB of RAM, accompanied by a two-cell 25.0Wh battery -- Toshiba stressed that users will receive up to 10 hours of battery life once it's fully charged. As for the speed of the device, the firm hasn't released details yet but expect similar to the AT300's 1.3GHz.

Ports includes a microUSB jack, microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB of storage space and a headphone/mic port. The AT300SE, which comes with 16GB of storage, boasts two cameras, a 3 megapixel one situated on the back of the device and a front-facing 1.2MP camera. However, they're both slightly lower quality than the cameras found on the original AT300.

The tablet weighs in at 625 grams, while its thickness is 10.5mm. Toshiba has also implemented a textured material on the back that makes the device easier to grip.

The Toshiba AT300SE is currently scheduled for a release sometime during Q4 2012.

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  • xpeh
    Why use outdated tech?
  • esrever
    Who would buy this unless it was really really cheap?
  • dimar
    Let it have 2GB or 4GB flash memory, put two microSD slots in it. Make it really cheap, around $150 and you might have a chance.
  • cats_Paw
    bugidugican any1 please explain to me why they do those reflective glasses on the tablets?! how hard is it to do a Matte screen?!even from the little image i can see its going to be terrible.
    Matte screen need more britness to show the same ammount of color. This means more energy required, and that means less battery time. By using glossy, you fake the user into thinking its higher quality.

    Also, tegra 3 is a bit old, and as far as i read, not faster tahn Ipads dual core for now.
    I think ill wait for a table that will be able to run my favorite old games. Till then, i dont see much use for a tablet anyway (thou id like it to be android).

    Just 1 question for those who might know about this,

    If you get a windows tablet, can you run a gam on it assuming it fits into the minimum requirements, or you need the game to be modified to be able to use it on a tablem? (i am assuming connecting a Mice to the tablet at least in this case).

  • cats_Paw
    Unfortunatelly, matte vs glossy for same ammount of color it would be far more than half an hour (Closer to 50% of total battery life).

    Its like when you have a laptop on lowest brightness or highest britness, battery can easy double its life time, sometimes more.
  • icepick314
    I will not buy another Toshiba products EVER...

    my family and friends ask me for advice on electronics and ever since I read that article on how Toshiba blocks user repair citing "copyright", I can't recommend Toshiba for their lack of customer support...

    please spread the word to everyone you know!
  • somebodyspecial
    If it used the AP37 chip I wouldn't call it old. It won everything but the GL bench here. Even then close to the others except for LG Optimus G. I'd say most don't know there's a 1.7ghz version with a sped up gpu (runs 520mhz now not 416). This chip isn't the same one you see everywhere losing as you can see from the benchmarks here. Everyone else just caught up, they didn't surpass it much. Also note the comments about GLbench:
    "On the other hand, for the sake of perspective, you shouldn't be too put off by the GLBenchmark test below, because it's almost unrealistically taxing. Pick a game from the Tegra Zone store front -- like Shadowgun: Deadzone -- and you'll likely be more than pleased with the graphical quality and frame rates."

    I'd like to see the upcoming 5 unreal3 engine based games (which btw are Tegra enhanced check benched before I call it slow. Still bought a 10in Nexus for dad (arrives today...yippee - can't wait to test it), but I'm looking forward to a tegra4 based on scores like this. Tegra4 will be 20nm from samsung austin fab (which just pumped out 10nm NAND!...Lookout intel). They will easily double the gpu, so already there in cpu even if they do nothing and will likely lead with a few more 100mhz, without being punished for battery at 20nm. Tegra4 should lead for a while and of course they're the only ones helping game devs. Epic and Id's carmack have sung Tegra's praises. My guess is they have T4's in hand (popped out samples in may at samsung's austin fab).
    Read some news, and check out the games page. I don't see this on other chipmakers sites. They seem to be the only ones holding game dev's hands. I hope Google puts out a Tegra4 tablet as I want those game optimizations :) Dad doesn't game much so Nexus 10 is fine for him no matter what and is available now ;)
  • madjimms
  • somebodyspecial
    IF it had a 1.7 tegra 3+ they have a shot at my money at a decent price, but I'd rather have a higher res.

    Speaking of which, I'm totally sold on dad's Nexus 10in. I really wasn't a huge fan of tablets (or heck, even phones) but this thing is freaking AWESOME. After about 6 hours on it, I said I'd fight him for it...LOL. This knowing I want a tegra4 for the 28nm and tegrazone games it comes with. Merely doubling the power on the gpu side will bring things even or better and this is before we start talking gaming optimizations that tegrazone comes with. A $100 price move by xmas and NV might lose my wait time...LOL. I want one of any tablet mostly for training vids, occasional browsing from wherever (meaning, BED...LOL), but it doubles as a Bluray player (720/1080 is fine, who needs discs now?), and far better browsing than I thought. Absolutely gorgeous to look at. 4.2 jelly bean is awesome.

    I've had little to no android exp but I'm impressed so much I may have to bite the bullet if they pull some price shenanigans on the next shipment or come out with 64GB for xmas...LOL. I'd really like a tegra4 at 13in though, but damn...He hasn't got to touch it yet...No kidding. I took it out of the box to set it up and never gave it up...ROFLMAO. Admittedly he was basically expecting me to learn android and teach him, but the whole family realizes it's taking me a lot longer than it should...ROFL. He's learning as I am, but I basically pop into the room, show it off again "hey you can do this, that etc" and run back out again laughing at how great it is. Just freaking giddy over this damn thing. I feel like a child with $100 in a candy store playing with it - at like 1980's prices too. It's almost like crack at this point. Netflix is awesome, browsing again great, battery better than expected (I didn't empty it and it's charging while I get some stuff done on the PC, but it's got hours left). I'm not sure he'll get to touch it again today...LOL. We may have to brawl over this thing... :)

    Back to my new's tablet...ROFL. Yeah, that's it, it's dads...(just keep saying it...I can put it down...I can put it down...I can put the crack pipe down)...LOL. It's fast, buttery smooth (heh) and good looking. I was hoping to get by until the die shrink (or tegra4+ if not as I think it's 28nm first, so willing to wait till next year this time) but I'm thinking i'll jump at the first rev 28nm if I can even wait it out that long after touching this nexus 10. Can you see me grinning people? Hasn't stopped since I charged it. :)