Canonical Announces New Ubuntu Mobile OS for Tablets

At CES 2013, we got our first look at Ubuntu's smartphone OS. However, it seems the company isn't going to draw the line at phones. Today, Canonical introduced its Ubuntu Tablet OS.

Tailored for a range of screen sizes, the Ubuntu tablet OS allows for multiple password protected user accounts. This means you can share one tablet amount multiple family members. It also has a guest mode that allows anyone to borrow the tablet or pick it up for quick use. Similar to the phone operating system, favorite applications appear on a dock-like bar on the left edge. The home page displays commonly used apps, frequently contacted people, and recently played music.


We're waiting to go hands on with the Ubuntu tablet OS on an HTC tablet, so keep an eye out of that in the afternoon. We were extremely impressed with the polish of the phone OS when we tried it out at CES. It manages to do something different from both iOS and Android, and while those systems are tried and true, there's still plenty of room for innovation. 

Check the video below for an overview of the tablet OS.

Ubunto Tablet OS

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  • freggo
    It is always nice to have options; especially open source ones.
    Keeps the big boys on their feet.
  • myromance123
    Looks cool, and the feature to dock it and get the standard Ubuntu desktop experience is what I'm really interested in. Hopefully, this will mean greater optimizations to Compiz and Ubuntu as a whole.
  • victorintelr
    Looks very interesting. Now we'll see how are they going to convince people to switch from one ecosystem to another. The unified experience includes phone, tablet & tv and the only business that I've seen convincing people to switch almost everything has been Apple with their costumers (some call them isheeps). Now, based on the video it seems that the tablet has enough power which doesn't have to be that much anyways for most people nowadays.