A Preview of the Ubuntu Smartphone OS from CES

Even with the continued strength of iOS and the growing dominance of Android, there's still room for innovation in the smartphone OS space. Just as how Ubuntu finds its place among Mac OS X and Windows, Canonical has revealed a version of its Linux-based OS for smartphones.

We were fortunate enough to go hands-on at a demonstration at CES. Overall, we were extremely impressed with the polish of the OS. It manages to do something different from both iOS and Android, and while those systems are tried and true, there's still plenty of room for innovation.

Check out the video below for what we saw:

Ubuntu Smartphone

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  • burnley14
    It's nice to have competition, but this interface looks a little clumsy. Even in the demonstration she had trouble swiping to the left without pulling out that "launch menu." I'm sure it will be more polished before final launch, but this video wasn't enough to make me abandon the old phone OS's.
  • antilycus
    Yes Please. Now just dont update stuff for the sake of making something new. That's the one thing I dont like about Ubuntu. Stability is sacrificed for "new" (and people have a tendancy to think new is better, just look at win8 for why that's not true).

    If this can replace my current Andoid OS I'll be all over it. Though I dont know if I like having to hold my thumb on the left side to toggle through apps.
  • aicom
    Heh, reminds me of Windows 8 with all the gestures.