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Verizon R2-D2: The Droid You've Been Looking For

Word on the street is the Droid 2 will be launching on August 12, with marketing for the device kicking in on August 23. Not only that, but according to the trusted source that's been feeding Engadget exclusive Verizon tidbits all day, Verizon is launching a special edition Star Wars version of the phone that will feature the cutest Star Wars character of all (and the cutest Droid, I guess), R2-D2!

We don't know if it'll launch at the same time as the regular version, or if it'll involve anything more than the white R2-D2 that's said to be on the back of the device, but we definitely want one. Someone please buy us one. Or 10, so we don't have to squabble over it like 2-year-olds with one of those awesome Tonka truck bulldozers.