World's Only Wallet-sized MP3 Player

Walletex had one of the smaller booths at CES this year but the company had a couple of key words on their banner that drew a pretty big crowd. World’s Slimmest. Anything that claims to be the world’s slimmest, world’s lightest, world’s smallest is going to get some attention and this one is actually pretty cool: an MP3 player that fits on your wallet.

These sort of reminded us of the gift cards that Target and Best Buy were selling at Christmas, only better. The two super stores were selling gift cards that doubled as speakers or low-level (really low-level) digital cameras. These MP3 players are a little better that that. Available in capacities of up to 8GB, they are completely customizable. You send the company your graphics and they print it right on the card. It’s also handy that they fit in your wallet. I’ve lost two iPods just because I chucked them in a bag or on a shelf when I wasn’t using them and forgot where I put them. I have never lost my wallet.

That said, I have broken a couple of credit cards by accident. Whether they were cracked or bent, they were unusable. Walletex MP3 players are made of double laminated unbreakable plastic making it a very durable platform.

As cool as they are, we’re pretty sure you can’t buy them individually. The booth guy was really pushing their promotional advantage as a long term hospitality gift and by the looks of their display they already have a whole host of big name companies in their portfolio. Still, they’re pretty neat. Check out pictures after the jump.

  • Sicundercover
    No it looks like you can by them individually.
  • aevm
    They're pretty cheap too.

    Of course, if you add the headphones into account, making the player itself a little smaller becomes pointless.
  • curnel_D
    SicundercoverNo it looks like you can by them individually. it to Toms to get something so glaringly obvious completely wrong.
  • zodiacfml
    hehe, bad luck. yet, also walletex's fault. it should have been plain obvious, otherwise, passersby at CES wouldn't know too.
  • JMcEntegart
    Hey guys!

    Sorry about that. We did ask and the guy at the booth told us it was for "large orders only". That said there were some language barriers working against us so he could have misunderstood our question.