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''WarGames'' IMSAI 8080 Computer Up for Sale

Yesterday we learned that not many of you are willing to shell out $200,000 for gold plated, diamond gilded nostalgia. So what about something that wasn't covered in tacky gold and diamonds? The original "Shall we play a game?" computer from the movie WarGames is for sale.

The Original Prop Blog (via Engadget) reports that the IMSAI 8080 computer used in the 1983 movie WarGames will be up for sale in the near future. Though plans for the sale of the machine have yet to be finalized, OPB reports that with an appraisal of more than $25,000, it could be the most expensive "PC" ever sold.

It's not gold plated and it doesn't come with a sprinkling of diamonds that help drive the price up to $200,000 but it did foster Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy crushes in young geeks everywhere. Ah, memories.

  • Hilarion
    Interesting bit of nostalgia, indeed. Wouldn't mind adding one to my collection but I'm terribly short on that kind of dough.
  • I've been watching this for quite some time. I have a local lawyer that will put in a proxy bid when the item comes up for auction. It's movies like this in my youth that drove me to computers, and this would be a nice show piece at conventions and conferences. Wish me luck!
  • RazberyBandit
    That's a w.o.p.p.e.r. of a deal!
  • thejerk
    But does it play.......... Global Thermonuclear War??
  • scryer_360
    Ok, I would actually shell out that kind of money for this. If only I had it just laying around.......
  • insider3
    20 years later they are gonna try to sell the Matrix.
  • Nakal
    thejerkBut does it play.......... Global Thermonuclear War??
  • The Greater Good
    "Get that b out of the war room!"
  • JasonAkkerman
    How about a nice game of chess.

  • chomlee
    "I'd p on a spark plug if I knew it would help"