HP Tablet Running Palm's WebOS Launching Q4?

Digitimes reports that HP will launch a tablet running Palm's WebOS operating system this October. Citing Monty Wong, vice president of personal computing systems group at HP Taiwan, the website says the company will use WebOS for tablets and smartphones but not for netbooks. Wong says HP will reveal more details in July, after its acquisition of Palm has been signed and sealed.

The news comes after HP allegedly axed the Windows 7 version of its HP Slate. Originally scheduled for a June launch, it would appear that if not canceled, the device has been put on hold. Wong says the Slate will launch in October with "a wide range of software and application support" but failed to mention if it will run WebOS.

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  • back_by_demand
    Interesting, if this Palm WebOS allows me to install my printer, connect a USB DVD writer and put burning software on, allows me to play back any of my torrented TV shows and play Flash games from Candystand...
    I will buy one
  • didymus03
    I just want an affordable (~$500) tablet that would let me do digital painting on the go. Anyone know of such a device on the market, or coming soon? If it were able to handle some 3d modeling as well that would just make my day.
  • pollom
    yeaaaaa palm is back!!! :) :)