Windows 8 Dev Tablets Already on eBay

Last Tuesday during Microsoft's BUILD conference, the company handed out 5,000 Samsung tablets packed with a preview version of Windows 8. Developers cheered at Microsoft’s surprising sweep of generosity, but many seemingly repaid the favor by selling their expensive gifts on eBay at over-bloated prices.

Case in point: this eBay listing shows the Samsung Windows 8 BUILD developer tablet for a current bid of $2,700 USD. But it's not just a tablet: this bid is for a bundle consisting of the Windows 8 tablet, a dock with USB, HDMI and Ethernet ports, a Bluetooth keyboard, a touch pen, a unique carrying case, and a pre-paid 12-month 2 GB/month AT&T data contract (SIM card not activated).

As for the Samsung tablet, it's similar to the just-announced Samsung Series 7 slate but includes new and improved components including an ambient light sensor, a gyroscope, a Bluetooth LE chip, a Trusted Platform module and NXP's Near Field Communications chip (NFC). The tablet also offers a 2nd-generation Intel Core i5 CPU, 4 GB of DDR3 memory, a 64 GB SSD, a Samsung Super PLS 1366 x 768 11.6-inch display, a microSD card slot and more.

"This auction is a brand new, limited edition tablet PC which was given at the Microsoft Build Windows conference in Anaheim on 9/13/2011," reads the auction description. "It is running a pre-release developer preview version of Windows 8 and is a powerful development machine for that upcoming platform."

Other Windows 8 BUILD tablets appearing on eBay aren't quite so expensive, ranging from $1,525 USD to $2,275 USD.

  • beardguy
    This is worse than re-gifting. Taking a freebie and selling it for an way inflated price.

  • aftcomet
    Idiots. I hope the scum found doing this have their reputations ruined and banned from MSDN.
  • zybch
    I was under the impression that the tablets provided were NOT gifts, but developer preview units that HAD to be returned.
  • the associate
    zybchI was under the impression that the tablets provided were NOT gifts, but developer preview units that HAD to be returned.
    lol, they'll just claim they lost it at the post office =D
  • LOL. Money. If it's an option why not throw it up on ebay. If you don't need it in 2 years time it wont be worth much anyway. And we all know the antique computers market is gone unless you have an Apple One. So if the person needs the money its a choice, and perhaps a good one. Me personally I hat anything proprietary. I'll stick to linux.
  • Good thing MSFT has a record of serial numbers which can be cross-referenced to those the tablets were loaned to...
  • they dont have a record. which utopian narc society do you live in, eugenewillett?
  • "Gift" doesn't seem like quite the right word. How about "freebie"?

    In any event, these tablets do not have to be returned. All Microsoft cares about is that people develop apps for Windows 8. If eBay can transfer some tablets from people who aren't going to use them to develop apps to people who are, they'll be happy.
  • Actually, weren't these tablets only given out to paid attendees of the conference? They must have paid something just to attend the conference - and knowing these technology conferences, that something probably wasn't cheap. (Although the tablets are probably selling for more...)
  • ceteras
    Greed. We all need money, but that is so low!
    Instead of selling it for a quick buck they could actually use the advantage to do some actual work, start a business and make a lot more money than the $2000 they hope to get.
    I wonder what kind of idiots would buy these?