WoW Subscriptions Dipped Again, But Content Coming Soon

Wednesday evening during Activision Blizzard's Q2 2011 earnings call, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime admitted that the number of active subscriptions fell again for Q2 2011, the second decline in a row. As of June 30, the popular MMORPG was still riding high with 11.1 million active subscribers worldwide, but the number actually dropped from 11.4 million as recorded at the end of March. Blizzard saw around 12 million active subscriptions during October 2010, notably due to the impending December 2010 release of the Cataclysm expansion pack.

Last quarter, Morhaime blamed the subscription drop on Cataclysm. Specifically, the decline was due to players canceling their subscriptions after quickly consuming the expansion's content. To combat this, the company decided it would be best to have more frequent content releases rather than one huge content explosion every few years. But as for this latest drop in subscriptions, he included the word "seasonal" along with a similar content consumption explanation.

"In terms of subscriber growth around the world, what I would say is what we have seen is that subscribership [sic] tends to be seasonal and driven by content updates," he explained. "As we are heading further away from an expansion launch, it's normal to seasoned declines."

He then added that the team is currently working on its largest content update since Cataclysm, and is scheduled to go live later this year. "The next content update... will include major new raid and dungeon content," he said. "We believe that this new end-game content will keep the game fresh for current players and provide compelling reasons for lapsed players to come back."

Eurogamer points out that Blizzard just registered a trademark protecting the name "Mists of Pandaria." Given that Blizzard named patch v4.2 as "Rage of the Firelands," the title could merely be another update... but it could also be the title of the next "major" release as revealed in Wednesday's call.

But despite the loss in numbers, Morhaime added that the launch of Cataclysm over in China and the upcoming launch of a Portuguese World of Warcraft client in Brazil later this year should help beef up the player base. Blizzard already saw "great success" in launching the MMORPG over in Russia. "There are other countries we're looking at beyond that as well but I don't have anything that I can talk about," he said.

Morhaime also pointed out that the 20-level "trial" has reeled in a significant number of new accounts, but didn't elaborate on whether they actually led to paid subscriptions, instead saying that it as too early to tell "on conversions to subscriptionship."

"Aside from promoting World of Warcraft in other regions, we're taking other steps to bring more players into the community," he added. "With the new World of Warcraft Starter Edition, players are now able to play the game for free until level 20 with no time restrictions. Since the launch of this program, we've seen a significant increase in new account creations, which we hope will allow us to continue attracting new players."

  • the game is boring, i cancelled my account a week ago.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    mandusthe game is boring, i cancelled my account a week ago.After playing for how many years? :D

    Though, seriously, agreed.
  • Kamen_BG
    In cataclysm every class is kind of the same...It`s so damn boring i tried it for 2 months and quit.TBC>Vanilla>Wotlk>Cata
  • rantoc
    To me WoW have started to lost quality big times, it used to have rock solid pathing, no-client update issues and no floor aggro ect.

    Today thats common place, if Blizzard wants to keep their quality name its time to put that solid code back. Today its more of "overoptimized-we-want-more-players-for-the-same-cpu-time-and-bandwidth" code thats running on the servers.

    Heck its so poorly done my toons for instance have already passed by that mining/flower node when it shows up and i have a "world ping" of around 30ms with no packetloss - Thats not quality Blizzard! So instead of just add more content that will have thoose NPC's stuck in the ground ect it might be time to undo the damage the over-optimizations have done first or the new content will NOT be as enjoyable!

    Fix whats broken first! No one with a sane mind would add more rooms to a hotel with a foundation infested with termites! (bugs/overoptimized code)
  • rantoc
    kamen_bgIn cataclysm every class is kind of the same...It`s so damn boring i tried it for 2 months and quit.TBC>Vanilla>Wotlk>Cata
    Agree, way to much copy-paste rather than really new spells/abilitys/talents.
  • plasmastorm
    bye wow.... 7 years and im bored to tears.

    Anyone want to buy an end game account with 7 lvl 85's and around 80k gold in it?

  • schmich
    Maybe if they started to give a shit about PvP things could up. I mean all they do when it comes to balance in PvP is to keep things "playable". They could easily make it really balance and it bring it back as esport if they wanted to.

    They used to have the excuse that it's hard to balance without affecting PvE but now they can make abilities work totally differently in PvP and PvE. They have absolutely no excuse. Every single patch they say "oh next patch, you'll see, it will be balanced" but it's the same bullshit every time.
  • techseven
    9301154 said:
    Fix whats broken first! No one with a sane mind would add more rooms to a hotel with a foundation infested with termites! (bugs/overoptimized code)

    How does overoptimized code work?
  • officeguy
    I am glad I never got sucked into this game. I wanted buy WOW in the very begining (very badly) but I didn't want to pay $15 to play a game that I already paid for. If you payed over the years to play and bought all of the expansions packs you would have payed over $1400 to play a single game. That is totally ridiculous. I haven't heard anything but I hope Diablo 3 isn't that way, then I would really have to restrain myself :(
  • kingnoobe
    Shouldn't most of you be in the wow forums.. Sounds like a bunch of whining.. Which is what made wow lame. They took out all the good stuff..