World of LordCraft Rips Off Blizzard's Franchise?

Someone get Blizzard on the phone. Just in name alone, World of LordCraft should indicate where the roots of this online PC game truly lie. While WoL isn't exactly an MMORPG, it clearly borrows heavily from Blizzard's offline fantasy-based RTS franchise... right down to the Alliance and Horde factions. Oh wait there's a Demon Legion thrown in there too. How original.

A video provided on the game's website actually looks somewhat promising--at least for a few seconds until a horrible, echoing voice-over spoils the show. "Build an unprecedented castle, " the video promotes. "Never surrender your freedom."

Without showing actual gameplay, the promotional video offers various animations on building a kingdom, and screenshots depicting Heroes of Might and Magic-style battles. On a whole, WoL is an isometric, flash-based, browser-based PC game with city building and RTS traits.

WoL is also absolutely free to play.

  • JonathanDeane
    So other then the name, there is nothing even resembling WoW? A quick name change will fix that and everything will be fine lol
  • livingsacrifice
    This is pretty sad...
  • zerapio
    > It name itself sound way too familiar to be legal
    It should read: "Its name itself sounds way too similar to be legal"
    /extends right arm forward :)
  • mianmian
    When you look at their website, you will find many similar elements of WoW.
    A region in map called "The Barrens".
    "Drums of war...." in the trailer.
    And the races in Alliance/Hord are: human, elf, Dwarf, orc, troll,Tauren
  • dextermat
    This game looks awesome.... that what i would of said 15 years ago lol

    Looks like AOE

    That's why it's free
  • Honis
    Yes, because WoW and Warcraft were the first game to have any of those things and was the first strategy ever to be based on lore creatures...

    If it's a free game let them name it World of iCraft for all it matters.
  • hallic7
    World of LOLcraft!!!!
  • CoderDunn
    I remember reading somewhere that this game is owned by they same bunch that made Evony >.>

    Edit: Found it
  • cloakster
    Since its free i truly doubt any legal action is going to be taken. 99% of Blizzards profits come from the online component of WoW so in no way is it taking profits from Blizzard.
  • pokabur
    You guys act like the warcraft franchise is original. o_0