X-COM FPS May Become Third Person Shooter

There's been plenty of X-COM: Enemy Unknown excitement as of late, since the highly-anticipated remake will be tangible in a week.

Where's the other X-COM game that 2K announced with Enemy Unknown? After its initial announcement, there's been little news on the X-COM shooter besides its delays.

Now, according to some screenshots sent into Kotaku (apparently, they were included as a part of a 2K marketing survey), it seems like the new X-COM game may be taking an entirely new direction. The X-COM title may be shirking the FPS genre in favor of a third person squad-based game, which bridges the gaps between the original turn-based strategy games and the new shooter a little better.

Apparently, the survey also revealed that 2K may be changing this game into a cheaper, downloadable one, as one of the questions asks the survey takers whether or not they'd prefer a downloadable title on PS3 and Xbox 360—yes, it looks like the PC has been neglected, once again—for $30 over a $60 title.

However, all this remains a rumor, as 2K's refused to shed light on the situation: "We have not made any new announcements regarding the XCOM title currently in development at 2K Marin, and it is our policy not to comment on rumors or speculation."

You can view all of the alleged X-COM screenshots here.

  • PuckerFactor
    Huh?...It is a 3rd person shooter...the demo is already out...I found out about the demo here at Toms. What's the confusion?
  • When I first heard of X-COM: Enemy Unknown I was filled with rage, this is what they come up with after so many years? That rage did not subside til I heard of Sid making a true reincarnation of the game. So no I am not upset to be missing this.
  • mousseng
    PuckerFactorHuh?...It is a 3rd person shooter...the demo is already out...I found out about the demo here at Toms. What's the confusion?This is a different game. There were two XCOM games announced a ways back, Enemy Unknown (a proper sequel to the original) and a first-person shooter spin-off (this one here).
  • Menigmand
    Alas, poor franchise. I knew it well.
  • jkflipflop98
    MenigmandAlas, poor franchise. I knew it well.
    WTF are you smokin? XCOM is about to BLOW UP when Enemy Unknown finally drops on Tuesday. It's XCOM reimagined for the preset.

    Plus, I never minded the FPS version, it actually looks really good. I think a lot of the hate for this game came from people thinking that some FPS game was trying to be the new face of XCOM, when that isn't the case at all. I really liked to '60's "Mad Men" style of the game and how the Earth changed over time to look like a alien homeworld.
  • tanjo
    I didn't know there will be a XCOM:EU remake. Now I'm excited. I don't care much about this shooter though.
    Next, EA should remake Syndicate... maybe Commandos style?
  • jossrik
    Ya, FPS XCOM had me down quite a bit as XCom was one of my favorite games of all time, and FPS just doesn't translate to base management quite the same as a strategy game, I'm gonna get the PC one for sure now. There are some game play videos up and it looks like an updated version of the old one. Very stoked when I found out it wasn't gonna be the FPS nobody wanted.
  • aragis
    Am I the only one who never heard about X-com before?
  • skaz
  • alidan
    aragisAm I the only one who never heard about X-com before?
    i dont care how old you are, you have heard of xcom at some point, you either never payed attention to it, looked into it, or just passed by it when you saw it however.