Microsoft: Xbox One Delivers "Thousands of Dollars of Value"

Microsoft's Don Mattrick caused a bit of controversy last week when he said those without internet should stick with the Xbox 360. The statement was made in response to questions about the Xbox One's need to 'check in' with Microsoft via the internet every 24 hours. This week, Mattrick is defending the price of the Xbox One, which is $499.


Speaking to Bloomberg TV, Mattrick said that the price was actually a bit lower than some analysts had predicted and great value. Specifically, Mattrick said Microsoft is 'over delivering value' against other choices consumers have. When asked to elaborate he said:

"Well, just any modern product these days, you look at it, $499 isn't a ridiculous price point. We're delivering thousands of dollars of value to people so I think they're gonna love it when they use it."

Hmm, we're not sure that will fly with gamers whose main criticisms are based on the PS4 offering more for less at $399.

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  • cepheid
    You're really not.
  • mapesdhs
    Sounds like Mattrick is trying to convince himself more than anyone else,
    because for sure nobody else is going to believe the nonsense he keeps spouting.

  • slomo4sho
    I think he means thousands of dollars in costs over the life of this atrocious system.